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Mom Enough (New Book)

Tony Reinke / November 21, 2014
Mom Enough (New Book)

Are you mom enough?

Time Magazine forced this question into the face of every mother with bold letters above a cover image of a young mother breastfeeding her four-year-old. When the issue hit newsstands, it re-ignited a longstanding “mommy war” in American culture.

But it turns out this was the wrong question, pointing in the wrong direction. There is a higher and more essential question every mother faces: Is God God enough?

Our new book, written by eight women, exposes the spiritual corruption behind competitive mothering, and explores how gospel grace is relevant for the daily trials and worries of motherhood. In the trenches, these moms have learned to redirect their hope and trust from the shifting sands of popular opinion to the unchanging all-sufficiency of God.

Mom Enough: The Fearless Mother’s Heart and Hope, is a rich collection of gospel truth from Rachel Jankovic, Gloria Furman, Rachel Pieh Jones, Christine Hoover, Carolyn McCulley, Trillia Newbell, and Christina Fox.

Download and begin reading Mom Enough free of charge in three digital formats:

Gift Idea

Simultaneously we’re releasing a paperback edition of Mom Enough, an edifying Christmas gift option for the mothers in your life. In the face of daily opinions and well-meaning advice about how to best raise her children, every mom needs a dose of Christ-centered, life-centering, and burden-lifting encouragement.

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