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Nourishing the soil


I'm excited to share the picture above.  It's the newest compost bin to go into the garden.  Built by my husband, he found this amazing design that allows us to raise or lower the level of the bin one layer at a time.  This will be our third compost bin, as we continue to grow our garden we are expanding our composting bins.

Having a compost bin is a great way to keep kitchen scraps out of the landfill.  You also create nutrient rich soil at a price which is far less that what you'd pay to purchase it at the garden store.  After all, it's made from trash.  All those egg shells, vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, and more turn into rich dark soil that is wonderful in the garden.   I also use compost to enhance potted plants, especially those that get repotted from time to time.

If you have a compost bin, I'd love to hear about it and even to see a picture.  Let me know, are you making dirt? :-)

And now, here's what you need to know.

In Food News

Panera Bread is continuing to make changes to their food and has just released a new Food Policy Statement. Their newest change is a commitment to remove all artificial ingredients and additives from their food by 2016.  They are also pledging to seek out responsibly raised food from North American sources, to make their menu items more 'transparent,' and to source what they are terming 'clean' food.  You can read their policy statement here.  This is a really good start and definitely a positive change.  Panera will no doubt get a lot of positive spin from this.  I'd like to point out that, at this time, nowhere in their policy are they mentioning the issues of GMO food.  I do consider GMOs to be an artificial, and harmful, additive and wonder how they'll address this issue.  Certainly something to keep an eye on.

It's important when reading the news to read critically.  The latest study on diet soda provides a clear example of this.  The study, done at the University of Colorado and published in the journal Obesity, found that diet soda is better than water when it comes to weight loss.  Their exact conclusion was "These results show that water is not superior to NNS [non-nutritive sweetened] beverages for weight loss during a comprehensive behavioral weight loss program."  While this will no doubt receive notice from major news media it doesn't share the whole story.  There is an important piece of information on the study:

  1.      Funding Agencies: The study was fully funded by The      
         American Beverage Association.

  2.      Disclosure: JCP, JOH [The lead author of the study and one
         other researcher] received consulting fees from The Coca-Cola
         Company outside of the submitted work. The remaining co-
         authors declared no conflict of interest.

This taints the study and certainly means that there was significant motivation to seek specific results.  When you see headlines about positive health impact for junk food look a little deeper to see who is funding the study or who benefits from it.  

I'm doing a study of my own. I'd like to ask you to take a moment to fill out a simple six question survey.  Your answers are important and will help me provide the best service and bring you news you want to read.  Thank you for your time and your support.

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