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Garden update

I was amazed at the response to last week's email.  It turns out lots of people are indoor gardening (outdoor gardening too) and growing real food.  This is such a a great way to get real, fresh food.  I loved hearing about sprouts, veggie starts and other things that you're doing in your homes.  Several people wrote in about starting plants from seeds and cuttings as well.  Mostly avocado but a couple of people mentioned pineapples (I have one of those too) and starting citrus and apples from seed. 

As part of my indoor gardening effort I had mentioned mushrooms. It was fun to watch the mushrooms growing day by day and then to eat them! 

While the resulting mushroom, onion, red-pepper frittata was delicious it was not picture worthy.  The next step for me is to get a mushroom log and try to grow mushrooms out in my garden.  Given how humid it is here in Texas I'm guessing it won't be that difficult.  I'm wondering if any of you grow mushrooms, if so I'd love to hear about it.

However you connect with your food, through a CSA, gardening, or just purchasing the best quality, whole, fresh food you can, remember that real food is the key.  Yes, you can eat well to be well.

Be well,

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Food News

Last week General Mills announced that they will be removing artificial colors and flavors from all of their cereals.  General Mills currently holds about 30% of the cereal market in the United States. With the cereal market declining in favor of real food for breakfast, cereal manufacturers are more motivated to spend the time and money to reformulate their product in response to consumer concerns.  This also does not address the issue of genetically modified ingredients or other highly processed ingredients. Breakfast cereal still remains a nutritionally poor choice and not one that I suggest people eat.  However I give General Mills credit for helping to set a standard for getting rid of chemical colors and flavoring in food.  General Mills expects their process to be complete by 2017.

Jamie Oliver recently added a sales tax to sweet drinks at his restaurant.  He claims he's doing this in opposition to the government refusing to do so and that he'll be using the funds to raise awareness and education.  Some great questions were raised online including wondering why he's serving sweet drinks if he's opposed to them.  One person claims that they would not eat at the restaurant at all in protest of the tax. Jamie certainly isn't the only one doing this.  Learn more, join the conversation and share your thoughts on my Facebook page.

Chocolate manufacturers around the world are in a race to create chocolate that has a higher melting point.   A successful product would allow them to expand into places such as Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East where the chocolate market is anticipated to grow significantly faster than in Europe and North America.  From our point of view the biggest challenge for this is the anticipated additives used to create a "durable" chocolate.  We'll keep you posted.  In the meantime continue to #ReadTheLabel and avoid these ingredients in your chocolate.

Thanks go out to Rachel for sending in this link to a funny YouTube video on Milk Taste Testing.

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Interviews, articles, and speaking engagements.  Classes  I'm teaching, events that are open to the public, or seminars I think you should be aware of:
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  • July 8 - Freezer Fun Cooking Class - private class on how to prepare healthy foods for fast, delicious, easy summertime meals
  • July 15 - Cooking with Kids - Food Science, it's going to be a blast!
  • July 10-12 - 28th Annual Turner Syndrome Society Conference in Kansas City, MO.  I'll be presenting Nutrition & Wellness lectures.
  • August 16th - Nutritional Therapy Association Business Summit 2015 in Staunton, VA.  The topic of the summit is Pursuing Your Passion.

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