Catalogue No. 168 “Gallipoli Revisited”
June 2020

TurnerDonovan is pleased to offer this fully-illustrated catalogue dedicated to the Gallipoli campaign of 1915. The material on offer includes unique manuscript and documentary items and many books of the greatest rarity, probably the finest such collection ever to be offered. This selection has been assembled through the purchase of several collections, notably that of our dear departed friend and fellow collector Peter Metcalfe. Tom Donovan and Glenn Mitchell of Peter Harrington were asked by Peter to take care of his collection in the event of his death, which sadly took place in 2018. All who knew him miss his quick wit and intelligence, and the sense of slightly mischievous fun he brought to everything he was involved in. Peter Harrington and TurnerDonovan are proud to offer the Gallipoli section of his library in this catalogue. Further exceptional manuscript material and rare books relating to various colonial campaigns, the Crimean War and Anglo-Zulu War were major interests, as well as WW1 and WW2, will be offered in future catalogues.

This is the first of my new format, fully illustrated, catalogues. It has been a while coming as it has involved the assimilation of novel technology and its fruition is an exciting development for me. I hope that my customers will approve of the new layout and features. I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Laura Donovan and Nicole Woodman, without whom none of this would have happened.

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Almost all our books, including the ones in this catalogue, are illustrated on our website:  

The Tale of a Territorial: Being A Record of Experiences at Home & Abroad during the years 1914, 1915 & 1916.
Rare privately printed memoirs including an account of the 1/4th Northamptonshire's mobilization in 1914 & services at Gallipoli with the 54th Div. (Suvla Bay landing on 15/8/15, when author was 2ic 'A' Coy., later commanding the Coy. until evacuated to Malta with scarlet fever after several eventful months in the trenches). He was eventually repatriated to England & rejoined his unit in Egypt in Jan. 1917, moved up to Palestine with it - in temporary command - & concludes with a brief account of services there up until about May 1917. Signed by author on tp "R. Dudley Pendred." Orig. dec. wheat cloth, VG & very scarce. See illustration on our website. £145

With the Incomparable 29th.
Author served with 5th Royal Scots in 29th Div., landing at V Beach, battles for Fir Tree Wood & Krithia &c. until evacuated, being 'all in' after 42 days under fire. Orig. rust cloth, VG in attractive dw & rare thus. See illustration on our website. 1919 £245

The Campaign in Gallipoli.
Very good account by a German commanding a division in the Turkish army at Gallipoli. Well illus. Intro. by Liman von Sanders, head of the German Military Mission at Constantinople which found advisers & commanders for the Turks. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, VG in dw. See illustration on our website. 1927 £250


On Gallipoli.
Rare privately printed account of service at Gallipoli with the RND which was originally presented as a talk to the Archaeological Society of Atherstone, Warwickshire, in January 1920. In 1914 George Peel was a squadron commander in the Bedfordshire Yeomanry, but tiring of inactivity defending the East Coast managed to get himself made Provost Marshal of the Royal Naval Division: he joined Div. HQ at Blandford & sailed for the east in March 1915. After describing the geography & characteristics of the Peninsula most of the book consists of his daily diary between March-June 1915, including the initial landings &c., followed by a round-up of events from June-Dec. 1915 when he left the Dardanelles. An informative & atmospheric account & undoubtedly one of the rarest relating to the RND. Some extracts: April 23rd: "Last night at dinner in Scyros Bay, young Asquith brings us disastrous news of the illness of Rupert Brooke, our Warwickshire poet. He had just lent me his volume of 'Turkey in Europe'... Hamilton had offered him a place on his staff, but he had declined, saying that his duty lay elsewhere with his battalion..." April 26th: "A really awful morning as we approach Gaba Tepe. At breakfast on board General Paris tells me that there is disastrous news: tremendous losses of Australians at Gaba Tepe. Also 29th Division are struggling under severest difficulties at the Cape Helles tip... casualties very heavy: whole country a mass of wire entanglements. I witness three battles today, the most thrilling & amazing day of my life..." Orig. blue cloth covd. boards, gilt to front, VG & inscribed by the author on tp: "To Miss Brampton with the kind regards of George Peel. Feb. 1920." See illustrations on our website. £275


Diaries, Letters & Documents of Service with the Nelson Battalion at Gallipoli 1915 & in France 1916-1918.
Rolfe was born in 1894 & enlisted in the RND 2nd September 1914. Posted to the Nelson Battalion, he served with it at Gallipoli from 29th April-26th May, 8th June-25th July 1915 & 10th Nov. 1915 to 8th Jan. 1916. The first short break was spent as an escort to PoWs to Alexandria; the second in hospital & convalescing in Cairo with septic sores to his legs resulting from active service conditions. On Gallipoli he spent much time in the trenches, but was exceedingly fortunate to miss the Nelson Battalion's most severe actions due to the aforementioned breaks in his service. His diaries are written in tiny but neat handwriting: technology has allowed us to scan & enlarge them & the archive comes with transcriptions & copies of the scans. He describes his experiences succinctly, but much may be deduced about active service conditions & way of life on the Peninsula & later France. The diary for 1918 is not present, but remaining letters cover some of this period (as also they augment his diaries for 1915-17). Of not little interest is his time in Cairo in the summer & autumn of 1915. Apart from occasional inspections he & his fellow patients appear to have been at liberty to visit the fleshpots at will. Relatively comfortably off, in addition to his pay Rolfe was able to get money wired from London.
The buyer will be provided with scans of all the diaries & letters both on disc & in printed form. £3500


At Suvla Bay: Being the Notes & Sketches of Scenes, Characters & Adventures of the Dardanelles Campaign.
Appealing account by NCO of 32nd Fd. Amb., RAMC, 10th (Irish) Div. Attractive pictorial cloth, quite possibly the most appealingly designed book on the campaign. VG. See illustration on our website. 1916 £60

Gallipoli Revisited.
Well-illustrated record of the 'Duchess of Richmond' veterans' pilgrimage cruise to Gallipoli (where Stanton Hope served with the RND). VG, signed by author "W.E. Stanton Hope" facing title page. See illustration on our website. 1934 £125


Australia at The Dardanelles 25th April 1915.
The first cabled reports of the Gallipoli landings sent by Ashmead Bartlett & C.E.W. Bean, published for use in schools in New South Wales. Attractive orig. wraps., minor wear, VG. See illustration on our website. 1915 £65

Military Operations: Gallipoli.
Major Archibald F. Becke's set with his bookplate & neat ink ownership inscription in all four volumes, Vol. I text additionally signed by the author "C.F. Aspinall-Oglander" on title page & Vol. II text warmly inscribed "In memory of our happy association during seven years at Audit House - amongst the happiest years of my life. C.F. Aspinall-Oglander. 25 April 1932." Audit House was the home of the Historical Section of the Committee of Imperial Defence and there - alongside Edmonds toiling on the Western Front - Aspinall-Oglander & his team worked on the Gallipoli volumes, Cyril Falls on Macedonia, & others including Major Becke who compiled the maps & sketches for Western Front, Gallipoli, Egypt & Palestine & Macedonia volumes, as well as compiling the monumentally meticulous Orders of Battle, 1914-1918, published in six volumes. Becke was a highly regarded historian who, apart from his work on the Official Histories wrote 'Napoleon & Waterloo' (1914), 'The Royal Artillery at Le Cateau' (1919) & other works, as well as contributing to professional journals. He had been commissioned in the Royal Artillery in 1893, served in Sierra Leone 1898-99 & South Africa in 1900, from where he was invalided with a damaged lung resulting from enteric fever. Edmonds recalled (in his memoirs, published by Tom Donovan in 2013) him as "a most valuable coadjudicator; he compiled the maps, checking my narrative in the process..." Quite apart from the self-evident historical interest of this set belonging to a long-serving official historian, it is unique in that Becke augmented it considerably. Volume I (Text) benefits from 19 extra photo. illustrations neatly mounted & captioned in ink on 15 card interleaves (plus additional interleaf adjacent to Contents which lists these) : 7 being photographic reproductions & 12 being real photos. of various coastal scenes, geographical features &c. Volume II (Text) benefits from 24 extra photo. illustrations neatly mounted & captioned in ink on 20 card interleaves (plus additional interleaf adjacent to Contents which lists these) : 3 being photographic reproductions & 21 being real photos. of various coastal scenes, geographical features &c. All the photographs are crisp & clear with some interesting captions. Also tipped-in is a 3pp. ms. list in Becke's hand of "Some Gallipoli Place Names & Their Meanings" & of considerable interest two hand written letters to Becke from Harry Pirie-Gordon, on The Times notepaper: (i) On the publication of the second volume, a single-page note: "I like your maps - bleak austerity has given way to an almost Assyrian opulence in the matter of mountains which now loom so formidable as to be likely to scare even members of the Alpine Club, & remind me how I used to sweat going up them. Please suggest to the proper quarter that in the next edition CHUNK BAIR and SARI BAIR might be mentioned in the index... Best salaams Harry Pirie-Gordon. Atabeg (ret.) (ii) A 3pp. note regarding draft chapters of the Palestine OH (Vol. II): "May I acknowledge to you receipt of the Palestine Chapters and Maps? See illustration on our website. £5000


A Pilgrimage to Gallipoli. [A Descriptive Account].
Rare account of the 1926 St Barnabas Pilgrimage to Salonika & Gallipoli compiled by a decorated nursing sister with war experience, who accompanied the 300 strong party. An interesting journal of events including notes on the life of Rupert Brooke, &c. Just six copies on Library Hub (formerly COPAC). Orig. brown cloth, titled in black, VG in chipped but attractive illustrated dw & especially scarce thus. See illustrations on our website. £145


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