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Good afternoon <<First Name>>, 

It's been brought to my attention there are a couple edits to the list of Officers.  Sorry for the mistakes.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  Who's going to 9 am Mass tomorrow?  See ya there!

Please see the updates below.  

Election of Officers

On June 15th we had our election of Officers for the 2017-2018 Fiscal year.  Your new Officers are as follows:

Grand Knight, Joe Suminski, JSUMINSKI2@YAHOO.COM, (586) 337-5776
Deputy Grand Knight, Greg Slubowski,
Chancellor, Stephen M Betka, ANDREABETKA@YAHOO.COM, 586-255-2769
Recorder, Mike McKinnon, 586-752-4746
Treasurer, Alan Steinberg, 586-438-0343
Co-Advocate, Jim Smiszek,, 586-752-2856
Co-Advocate, Karrie Illner,, 586-337-4225
Warden, Anthony L Rogers, SIRANTHONY420@YAHOO.COM, 586-336-0767
Inside Guard, Mark Esper,, 586-752-0572
Inside Guard, Cecil Schoenherr, 586-749-5531
Outside Guard, David L Devereaux, DLDHOMES@GMAIL.COM, 248-576-7328
Outside Guard, Sam Micheals,, 586-336-7615
One Year Trustee, Marcel E Van Daele,, 586-745-7056
Two Year Trustee, Lester C Ottenwalder,, 586-295-5749
Three Year Trustee, Matthew C Mc Kinnon, MCKINNON00@COMCAST.NET, 586-752-4746
Lecturer, Jim Smiszek,, 586-752-2856
FS, Brian O'Curran,, 586-255-5350

Have you ever wondered what these Officer positions actually do?  Wonder no more - click here.


I know it's been a long time coming but, hopefully, the wait is all worth it.  I've combined the copious notes taken by Matt McKinnon plus the dates and times from the District Planning session to publish this new calendar.  I'm going to try to be more on top of it going forward.  If there are corrections, please let me know.  



Sometimes it is easy to overlook the simplest of things. 

Take, for example, the beneficiaries on your life insurance policies. If your policy was applied for and issued several years ago, it may very well be that the person you originally selected as the beneficiary is no longer the person you would want to receive the policy proceeds. If you bought the policy when you were single, for example, you may have named your parents as beneficiaries. If you have since married, your policies should be updated to reflect your spouse as beneficiary. Maybe you’ve had children since, who are not named on the policies. 

Most people list a primary beneficiary, who is specifically designated as the first in priority to receive policy proceeds. We also encourage the naming of a contingent beneficiary, an alternate person designated to receive policy proceeds, usually in the event that the original beneficiary pre-deceases the insured. 

I routinely call all of my policyholders for annual review appointments, usually near the anniversary date of your policy – that is, the date it was originally issued. One of the matters that I’ll discuss during this review is the status of your beneficiary designations. If they need updating, and they often do, I can complete the paperwork during that appointment. 

I look forward to meeting with each of you to discuss your family’s needs. 

*Receive a complete Family Needs Analysis at my expense.


In Christ,

Don M. Wesley, FICF –  General Agent
Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Insurance 
2 Crocker Blvd., Suite 301, Mount Clemens MI 48043
Office:       888-DWesley (888-393-7539)
Fax:       586-591-6500
Looking for a quality carpenter?  Call brother Anthony Rogers. 

Next Meeting

July  13

St Clement

6:30 pm

Day Chapel




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Eagle Home Inspections

Lester Ottenwalder has prepared a very handy commercial and residential owners guide.  What maintenance to do, when to do it, etc.  Download it here with his compliments.  

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Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism, the Emmy award-winning documentary film, is now available to stream on Netflix!


The Knights of Columbus is pleased to announce the launch of a redesigned website for the Saint John Paul II National Shrine! 
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