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Happy almost-June! This is my first newsletter* in a very, very long time but, well, why not? It’s trendy, right? 

I’m writing from a plane where we just flew around a thunderstorm at sunset. It was amazing to stare at. Nature’s cool like that. I spent a weekend in upstate New York (Hi Kate’s Lazy Meadow!) a couple of weeks ago and reminded myself of that. Especially this thing, aka my new favorite swimming hole. Right now I’m at The Nippersink or Swim Sheepdog Trial on my parents’ farm. It’s like Babe, but for real, with border collies, in the backyard (ok, 30+ acre field). My dog Izzy isn’t quite good enough to be much use but we’ll likely give it a go. Again.

On to more complicated things: 


I’m launching a new product - ‘Digital Therapy’ in a few weeks. It’s going to be intense. I hope you like it. (It’s exactly what you imagine - an easy way for small-medium companies that produce content to evaluate what’s going on around them online, and do better.) 

DSTL (my company has a name! Aww.) is growing - exponentially. Which is really, really cool. Thanks to clients past and present. You rock. Also thanks to Katie Commodore, my fantastic friend/assistant for wrangling the calendars and to Skyler Gross for being our first official not-me strategist. We will inherit the earth. Or die typing. If you’re interested in working with us, let me know. Happy to help, or refer to our friends all over the world, depending on what you’re doing. [what we do.] I was also on a couple of panels, and quoted in someone’s senior thesis and, oh yeah, in The New York Times Style Section


As events director for (hi other day job!) and founder of Women Who Whiskey (the quiet one, not the liquor sponsorships one) I have had the privilege of bringing together very many amazing women doing creative things. Which means June is going to be crazy. And awesome. Because you’re on this list, you’re welcome to sign up for any/all of our things. Regardless of gender #trueprivilege.

  • Chicago: Women Who Whiskey convenes at Delilah’s from 7pm CT. May 26. 
  • Washington, DC: The Waitt Institute & The Smithsonian Oceans Program host a Wikipedia #editathon June 8 at their offices. Details. Free lunch. 
  • New York: and The Wall Street Journal present a conversation between the incredible, innovative Nilofer Merchant & Rebecca Blumenstein, deputy editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal. June 8, 7pm. Strict RSVP (security; 24-hour cutoff) 
  • Washington, DC: Finepoint founder, DSTL affiliate and feminist Meredith Fineman hosts DC’s first celebration of women in tech. June 10. RSVP here. PWD: WITDC2015
  • New York: Women Who Whiskey + are joining Good Peoples for the longest Friday of summer on the roof of the Standard Highline in Manhattan. This is the third year in a row. It is my favorite event of the summer. RSVP. June 19
  • New York: Hosts its first panel at the new DowntownNY as part of our partnership with them. The Topic? Women, Food & Body Image. July 14. 
  • New York: We’re also hosting a panel July 21 at a TBD location - delving deep into the mythos of the Romance Novel. Yeah, that’s right they ARE a feminist statement. Featured guests include the magnificent Maya Rodale, author of ‘Dangerous Books for Girls.’ 
  • Are you in Brazil i(Rio, Sao Paulo) in August? I have questions. Many. 

My client Parlio launches its private beta next week. Yay! It was started by Wael Ghonim. It’s super-exclusive and I’m giving you an invitation as a present. Click here, sign up! Enjoy deep conversation with influencers of all stripes— not just the guys you already know from social media. Though, well. They’re there too. I’m also playing with Happn (more in context of events & serendipity than dating, thank you sabbatical); with This.’s new app because I love their curation (best of the best!); Sunrise added a friggin’ keyboard-based(!?)  scheduler that’s gorgeous if you schedule a lot on the fly.  


I have amazing friends, all of whom are doing things. 

Jose & Alyssa have recently become nomads while building out their own digital shop. Tom McLeod is building an AWESOME new company. So’s Jenn Garcia. Steve Place @ GREER is doing things that I can’t even fathom just yet, especially in eSports (people like to watch video games be played IRL. Because… well, turns out people put billions of dollars into video games. 

Also, newsletters. And newsletters and newsletters and newsletters. Because trendy, right? #themes

Katie Longmyer’s team at GoodPeoples is building events that make you FOMO — even if the occasional all night rave seems like too much work. Grant Slater just shot head shots for 

Mae Ryan, is on the road constantly for The Guardian and her work is gorgeous. Kelly McCallum is making skulls from bug parts (and getting married!). Lydia Laurenson is mid-amazingness in SF as a content strategist (I would beg her to work with me if she wasn’t having so much fun on her own). Naama Bloom released more important-and-funny videos.  Kelsey Snell is the new political reporter for Washington Post. Cameron Sinclair is doing great SmallWorks and literally saving the world in post-conflict zones. Sometimes with Will & Jake at TeamRubicon. Megan Hannum is a genius. Madeline Sackler is making a prison movie. Sean Carasso is building a barn. Zoe Tryon is everywhere and nowhere - and I hope to run into her in Brazil in August. Maya Rodale wrote a book that inspired a panel (July 21) because romance novels ARE a feminist statement, thank you very much. Esther Perel’s most recent TED talk tackles infidelity - why would you / how could you / drama. Kimmie David’s restaurant is almost running itself - and she’s the best pen pal a girl could ever dream of, even if we’re only sending letters two miles every two months. Caro went to Cuba. And is going to Cannes. As you do. Cindy Gallop went to Tokyo (and came back!). And Anna Ly wants to go to the bottom of the sea

On a more sober note, my friend Dan Fredinburg died on Everest a few weeks ago during the big Nepal earthquake; his friends and family have started a foundation in his name to help his orphanage  rebuild. 

*[If I missed you, email me and I will add you next time.] 

I've read a ton of internet lately. My favorites: 
How Violence is Perceived in Game Design | How Jonathan Shaw Became the Next Bukowski (his book is great) | The Baltimore Nun Who Knew Too Much | What does 'gay' look like now that everyone's out? | How Many Times Have I Died? | Swearing Off The Modern Man


People send me a lot of postings for jobs. Yay. I tweet what I get when I get it with an airport code because, well, that’s what defines a city to a Millennial, right? Here are more:**

New York

  • Hillary Clinton’s campaign is hiring lots of people for lots of things. Now or never if you want to be working on a (winning?) team in 2016. Email if you have specific questions or get in touch with Nathaniel Koloc. 
  • Everytown USA (gun-related nonprofit) is hiring many, many people. 
  • Propublica wants a reporter, an assistant social media editor and a few more folks. 
  • WNYC needs a social media director, and about fifteen other people. 
  • Yahoo News needs a short-term social media editor (summer-fall). Contact for details. 
  • The New York Mayor’s Office is looking for a multilingual social media & comms associate. Email details. The Baffler needs a web editor. 


  • TouchVision (client) is hiring a news coordinating producer. LMK if you’re interested in learning more. Lots of newsroom experience preferred. Email me - with questions. 


  • Timeline is hiring staff writers, interns and a social editor in SF. Jonathan Kalan, for details. 
  • Mitra Kalita (LA Times) is looking for a candidate to fill a new job with the trifecta of global experience, health/development economics, and a social gene. Oh and journalistic at their core. Ping me at if you have ideas or are interested. 


**I probably don’t have more information but I might and you’re welcome to ask). 


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