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September 6, 2012

Baltimore Comicon this weekend

I honestly think that the Baltimore Comicon is one of the best comic conventions in America, and luckily for us it's right down the road! It runs this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, including the ridiculous number of great cartoonists who will be attending, go to

It will be held at the Convention Center in downtown Baltimore on the Inner Harbor.
Baltimore Convention Center
One West Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

We also have another event scheduled, the new anthology graphic novel District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington D.C. is all about the history of DC, from before it was built through the modern day. But this isn't the history most of you know already! Full of interesting stories like crazy artists, establishing newspapers, punk rock and more, we will be having a signing for this book with many of the creators at our Washington DC store on Saturday, October 27.

We've also made facebook events for the upcoming Raina Telgemeier signings, let us know if you are coming and tell your friends!

Vienna 11-1
College Park 3-5

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UPCOMING - September 22 - Raina Telgemeier signing Drama

Raina Telgemeier, creator of the New York Times bestseller Smile, will be appearing at both our Vienna and College Park stores on Saturday, September 22, for her brand new book Drama!

Callie loves theater. And while she would totally try out for her middle school’s production of Moon Over Mississippi, she’s a terrible singer. Instead she’s the set designer for the stage crew, and this year she’s determined to create a set worthy of Broadway on a middle-school budget. But how can she, when she doesn’t know much about carpentry, ticket sales are down, and the crew members are having trouble working together? Not to mention the onstage AND offstage drama that occurs once the actors are chosen, and when two cute brothers enter the picture, things get even crazier! Following the success of Smile, Raina Telgemeier brings us another graphic novel featuring a diverse set of characters that humorously explores friendship, crushes, and all-around drama!

426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

Lookouts #1

by Ben McCool, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Cory Jones, and Robb Mommaerts

A great new series created by the guys behind Penny Arcade! The Lookouts are a group of young boy-scout-like kids being trained in handling all sorts of woodlore and monsters in a fantasy world! Their first badge will be dealing with a deadly sphinx that is demanding all passers answer its riddles! Great cartoony art by newcomer Mommaerts!

Prince of Cats SC

by Ron Wimberly

A retelling of Romeo and Juliet from the point of view of Tybalt - and set in 1970s New York City, styled like The Warriors! Everyone totes a sword, and Shakespearean dialogue mixes with street slang and neon edged violent graphics! A pretty cool take on the classic.

Aquaman 1: The Trench HC

by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

Johns proves he can do it again, by revitalizing Aquaman! Reintroducing Aquaman and making him tough, admirable and likable! Even after renouncing the throne of Atlantis, he will still have to deal with the problems of the seas, especially when a new threat emerges from a deep trench.

Fashion Beast #1

by Alan Moore, Malcolm McLaren, Antony Johnson, and Facundo Percio
An old Alan Moore script is adapted into comics, in the strange fashion centric world where a young crossdresser lives her life as a snappy talking coat check girl while dreaming of being out in the club she works for. A very strange, very different start to this series, as only Alan Moore does! Plus co-written by McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols!

Message to Adolf 1 HC

by Osamu Tezuka

One of Tezuka's greats is back in print in a new hardcover edition of over 600 pages! Set in World War 2, two young German boys living in Japan, one Jewish, one half-Japanese, get caught up in an international spy thriller when evidence that Hitler might be part Jewish appears in Japan! An investigative reporter gets drawn in when his brother is killed. Intense drama and crazy action! Amazing!

The Manhattan Projects 1: Science Bad SC

by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra, and Jordie Bellair

During World War 2, the atomic bomb project was secret cover for the crazier science going on! Teleportation, psychic assassins, robot samurai, Einstein locked in a room, and an insane Oppenheimer combine to make an idea heavy science fiction crossed with crazy action comic!

Glory 1: The Once and Future Destroyer SC

by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell
Another relaunch of a defunct superhero book, this is now an intergalactic action thriller! Glory came to Earth to live among humanity, forsaking her royal alien birthright. But now she has disappeared and a young woman is on the search for her. When she finds her, what is the truth she will discover? And there are a lot of aliens looking to find Glory too!

Thief of Thieves 1: I Quit SC

by Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer, Shawn Martinbrough, Felix Serrano
An Ocean's 13 crime thriller! Conrad Paulson is a master thief, but his son tried to follow in his footsteps and failed. Now when the FBI are closing in, and he is thinking of retirement, will he be able to leave or will his criminal partners force him to finish the score he's been planning for years?
Amelia Rules Vol 8 Her Permanent Record SC
Aquaman Vol 1 the Trench HC
Archer & Armstrong #2
Batman Knightfall New Ed Vol 3 Knightsend SC
Benny and Penny: Lights Out HC
A Chinese Life SC
Classic Popeye #2
Dal Tokyo HC
Damsels #1
Forbidden Worlds Vol 1 HC
Green Lantern #0
Green Lantern War of the Green Lanterns SC
Guarding the Globe #1
Hawkeye #1 2nd Ptg
Hawkeye #2
Incognito Classified Edition HC
Mortensens Escapades Vol 2 Santa Fe Jail SC
Road To Oz #1 (of 6)
Spider-Man Revenge of Sinister Six HC
Starman Omnibus Vol 2 SC
Swamp Thing #0
Wet Moon Vol 6 SC

Big Planet Comics Podcast #58
"Breaking News"
This week, things get DRAMAtic, Nick fights spiders, and Jared watches béisbol, and we review a bunch of new comics! Download now or subscribe on iTunes!

Drama SC by Raina Telgemeier
Fashion Beast #1 by Alan Moore, Malcolm McLaren, Antony Johnson, and Facundo Percio
Green Lantern #0 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke
Guarding the Globe #1 by Phil Hester and Todd Nauck
Lookouts #1 by Ben McCool, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Cory Jones, and Robb Mommaerts
Message to Adolf 1 HC by Osamu Tezuka
Prince of Cats SC by Ron Wimberly
The Voyeurs HC by Gabrielle Bell

Send us questions to or leave a voicemail at 1-703-539-CAST! (1-703-539-2278)

9/8-9 - Baltimore convention
Baltimore Convention Center
One West Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

9/15-16 - SPX convention
The area's coolest convention!
Marriott Bethesda North
5701 Marinelli Rd.
North Bethesda, MD 20852

9/22 - Raina Telgemeier
Signing Drama
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

Signing Drama
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

9/29 - Gordon Harris
Signing Pedestrian
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

10/27 - District Comics
1520 U St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

11/3 - Ben Hatke
Signing Legends of Zita the Spacegirl
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

Signing Legends of Zita the Spacegirl
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

New Next Week 9/12

(Let us know if you want any of these!)
The Activity #8
Adventure Time Marceline Scream Queens #3
Alien Illustrated Story SC
American Vampire Lord Of Nightmares #4 (Of 5)
Avengers Assemble #7
Avengers Vs X-Men #11 (Of 12)
Avenging Spider-Man #12
Bad Medicine #5
Batgirl #0
Batman #0
Batman And Robin #0
Batman Arkham City SC
Batman Arkham Unhinged #6
Beatles Graphic GN
Before Watchmen Comedian #3 (Of 6)
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #205
Bionic Woman #4
Birds Of Prey Vol 1 Trouble In Mind SC
Breed Col Vol 3 Book Of Revelations SC
Brightest Day Vol 3 SC
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Library Vol 02 Wolves At Gate HC
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Freefall #13
Bucko HC
Bulletproof Coffin Vol 2 Disinterred SC
Captain America #17
Captain America And Black Widow #636
Cat Burglar Black GN
Cavalier Mr Thompson A Sam Hill GN
Chew #28
Chronicles Of King Conan Vol 3 SC
Clockwork Sky Vol 1
Conan The Barbarian #8
Crackle Of The Frost HC
Creep #1
Crossed Badlands #13
Crossed Wish You Were Here Vol 01 HC
Crossed Wish You Were Here Vol 01 SC
Crossstar #2
Daily Zoo Goes To Paris HC
Dark Shadows #7
Dark Shadows Vampirella #2
Darkness #106
Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe #1 (Of 4) 2nd Ptg
Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe #2 (Of 4) 2nd Ptg
Deathstroke #0
Demon Knights #0
Doctor Who Annual 2012
Dr Strange Season One HC
Drama SC
Drama HC
Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Drizzt Omnibus Vol 2 SC
Duplicate GN
Essential Punisher Vol 4 SC
Fanboys Vs Zombies #6
Fantastic Four #610
Fear Itself: Secret Avengers SC
Frankenstein Agent Of Shade #0
Fury Of Firestorm Nuclear Men Vol 01 God Particle SC
Game Of Thrones #10
Green Arrow Archers Quest SC New Ed
Green Arrow Longbow Hunters SC New Ed
Green Hornet #28
Green Lantern Corps #0
Green Lantern The Animated Series #6
Grifter #0
Gunslinger Girl Omnibus Vol 05 SC
Harbinger #4
Haunt #26
He Man And The Masters Of The Universe #2 (Of 6)
Hit-Girl #1 (Of 5) 3rd Ptg
Hit-Girl #2 (Of 5) 2nd Ptg
Hoax Hunters #3
Hugo Tate SC
Incredible Hulk #13
Iron Fist Marvel Masterworks Vol 2 HC
Is That All There Is? SC
It Girl & The Atomics #1 2nd Ptg
It Girl & The Atomics #2
Jennifer Blood First Blood #1
Journey Into Mystery #643
Judas Coin HC
Ketsueki GN
Knuckles The Echidna Archives Vol 3 SC
Legends Of Zita The Spacegirl SC
Legion Lost #0
Little Heroes GN
Love And Rockets New Stories Vol 5 SC
Manhattan Projects #6
Marvel Universe Avengers Earths Heroes #6
Marvel Universe Avengers Earths Heroes Digest Vol 1 SC
The Massive #4
Maximum High GN
Mega Man #17
Memoir #6 (Of 6)
Mondo SC
Naruto Vol 58 SC
Nemesis SC
New Avengers #30 AVX
New Mutants Vol 5 Date With Devil SC
Odyssey Bloomsbury HC
Orchid #9
Oz Dorothy And Wizard In Oz HC
Portraits SC
Powers Vol 05 Definitive Collection HC
Punk Rock Jesus #3 (Of 6)
Ravagers #0
Resurrection Man #0
Rocketeer Cargo Of Doom #2 (Of 4)
Saga #6 2nd Ptg
Saint #0
Saucer Country #7
Savage Dragon Invasion SC
Scarlet Spider #9
Shade #12 (Of 12)
Spongebob Comics #12
Star Wars Crimson Empire 3 Empire Lost SC
Star Wars Crimson Empire Saga HC
Star Wars Knight Errant Escape #4 (Of 5)
Star Wars Lost Tribe Of The Sith Spiral #2 (Of 5)
Steve Jobs Genius By Design Campfire GN
Stitched #7
Strain #8 (Of 12)
Stumptown 2 #1
Suicide Squad #0
Superboy #0
Team 7 #0
Thunda #2
Toybox Turmoil Gn
Trail Of Steel 1441 AD GN
Transformers More Meets Eye Annual 2012 #1
Ultimate Comics X-Men #16 UWS
Uncanny X-Force #31
Uncanny X-Men #18 AVX
Uncanny X-Men By Kieron Gillen Vol 1 SC
Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #2 (Of 5)
Walking Dead #101 2nd Ptg
Warlord Of Mars #21
Whore GN
Winter Soldier #10
Wolverine And X-Men #16 AVX
Wolverine Rot HC
X-Men #35
X-Men Legacy #273
X-O Manowar #5
X-Treme X-Men #3
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