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For the Week of February 24 - March 2: Pause and Review 

Manifested Body 

God chose to make known how great among the peoples of the world are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. It is Christ whom we proclaim, encouraging everyone and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this we work and struggle with all the energy that Christ powerfully inspires within.
- Colossians 1:27-29 


Our Cosmos

Reflecting on the first six weeks of The Journey School this year, we can begin to discern key contours of our theme taking shape. We are each growing in our understanding of what we mean by the wish: Arising as Embodied Life. Let's briefly review the territory we've covered in service to where we're headed in the weeks and months to come. Our first six weeks of The Journey School curriculum thus far comprised Part One, which we entitled "Manifested Body." Part Two, which we begin next week, March 3rd, is entitled "Time Body."

The idea of being a manifested body becomes exponentially more profound when placed in the light of cosmology. So, our first three classes this year grounded our physical earth body in the cosmological body. We began to see the value of telling a new story of the universe, grounded in the unfolding of consciousness in and as matter in the Great Ray of Creation – sourced from Greater Mind, or what might be termed the Great Attractor, the Omega, the Event Horizon, the Absolute, or simply God. From the big picture of the megalocosmos and Ray of Creation, we moved to life on planet earth in the Side Octave. These profound ideas only begin to scratch the surface of the Work teaching of the cosmology, but nevertheless, remind us all that we come from above, that we are created for a purpose as self-developing organisms, and perhaps most importantly of all, we are each parts of a unified whole. 

And so, looking back over the expansive territory we have traveled do far, what ideas inspired you? What humbled you? What ignited a hunger to seek more deeply for truth and wisdom in your lived experience and relationship to and with the cosmos? How have you received this Work on the side of knowledge about the cosmos and biological life on earth and allowed it to infuse your being-capacity for reverence, worship, joy and compassion for all and everything?


Our Centers

From the big picture of cosmology, we turned to three teaching sessions on a subject much closer to home: our primary centers – the intellectual, the emotional and the moving. Our focus on the centers had a particular slant. We are interested in the possibility of harmonizing our centers, which is a wish, we believe, of considerable consequence – for the very context of our lives, for our relationships, for our evolution, for our society, earth and cosmos, and perhaps even for God! 

One reason harmonizing our centers is such an important invitation and task is because of the persistent human tendency toward the expression of negative emotions, negative emanations, or simply the unconscious, unpleasant manifestations of ourselves and others. On the subtle side, this can take the form of a hostile thought that only you hear in your head. On the explicit side, this takes the form of violence and war. We noted that the peculiar characteristic of negative emotions is that they go on and on by themselves, even creating fresh negative emotions, long after the original cause is removed. 

The author Jean Vaysse wisely puts it this way: "When the emotional center works for another center, it brings with it its sensitivity, its speed, its intensity and above all an egocentric quality. When it works instead of the intellectual center, it produces nervousness, thoughtless and unnecessary haste, when measured judgment is appropriate. When it works instead of the moving center, it produces impulsiveness and a tendency to be carried away rather than making the right movement. In the place of the instinctive center, it produces exaggerated effects and too much or too little activity" (Toward Awakening, pp. 104-105). This makes the clear point that working on harmonizing our centers, particularly Work on not expressing negative emotions, is of profound importance for the quality of our life and perhaps even the ongoing development and evolution of our species. 

And, so, upon reflection, what ideas regarding the harmonization of your centers made sense to you? What resonated so deeply you can't avoid but to give it your attention and ask for grace to work? Where have you observed your way of being and your centers need a bit more harmony? Make it practical. Put the ideas on in your relationships and in your employment and in your leisure. 


Our Practices

Many useful and practical exercises were listed in each email over the last six weeks, especially the weeks focused on harmonizing our centers. Review them and ponder which exercise might be calling to you now. Try something new. In this way, we each embody the ideas and the ideas become alive in our practice and convey a transforming grace which we then emanate out into the world. 




Pause, review and choose one of the practical exercises and integrate it into your life for the next week.


February Practice: Baking Bread

The invitation this month is to bake bread. Have you done so yet? It is three-centered experience. Notice how the senses are nourished. Try it. 


Attend The Journey School Thursday Class Tonight: All are encouraged and welcome to attend tonight's class for a review of these teachings and, importantly, to produce a container of beings seeking to be more conscious and whose efforts assist one another:  7:00 pm Central Time via Zoom only.

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