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Thursday November 14 – The Journey into the Light
Photo courtesy of Ron Barnett
I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you,
praying always with joy in my every prayer
for all of you,
because of your companionship …
from the first day until now.
I am confident of this,
that the one who began a good work
in you will continue to complete it.
- Philippians 1:3-6
"We have to be patient in rolling back those habits of always reflecting on what comes to mind and little by little this is the discipline of Centering Prayer. It's primarily a relationship, a search for the deep knowledge of God, but without trying too hard because we believe that God is already here. …
"All you need to do is relax and you're in the middle of God. You can't get away from God. There's no place to go because wherever you go, as the psalmist says, [God]'ll be there ahead of you. And if you go to the ends of the sea, the ends of the universe, the ends of creation, [God]'s there ahead of you saying, 'Well, where have you been? I’ve been here all the time. Hello.' …
"So the quieter we are [in Centering Prayer] the more this rest occurs, the faster and more thoroughly the undigested emotional material of a lifetime is evacuated. And this is called, in Christian history … the purification of the soul. Now modern psychology has instructed us about the unconscious. And so, this is an enormous insight of great value, not just for medicine and psychotherapy but for the spiritual journey. Because now we know that any growth in human wholeness or health is really a growth in the spiritual life and enhances our potential to respond integrally to the divine advances of love. … And this is going to take some time. …
"So there’s an enormous amount of activity in this apparent silence. … And wherever you are, it's always accompanying us. We need the … experience of love which penetrates all darkness, no matter how dark or destructive any situation may seem to us." 
-Thomas Keating, Monday's video
A Meditation
"'Let there be light' is the transcendent creative light that is present as the basic energy of everything that exists (Genesis 1:1). … It is that light that is the source of the spiritual nature of our being. It is that light that dwells in us as our inmost … nature.
"… In order to cultivate the light, a practice of relating to God at the level that can access this spiritual light … the journey into the light … is to make us aware of the height, length, breadth, and depth of the love of Christ."
-Thomas Keating, Consenting to God as God Is
To Practice
Examen: Today we pause and seek "to respond to the divine advances of love," in the small microsigns in our ordinary lives. Can you sense the height, length, breadth, and depth of divine love for you?  

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