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Thursday April 25 – Practicing Resurrection 
P. Karl Stadler, Resurrection 
He loved his own in the world
and he loved them
to the end.
- John 13: 1
"Contemplation is what re-roots us in reality in the universe without losing our identity … with the confidence -- sure confidence -- that whatever we receive is going to be infinitely beyond anything that we could possibly imagine with our limited experience.
"… Is there anything we can do to hasten in ordinary daily life the unloading of those unconscious programs, which have us, more or less, into routines that we can’t seem to get out of? … [S]ome kind of practice for daily life that will reinforce the dis-identifying process that is going on in our contemplative prayer by the two daily periods in which we deliberately do not think our ordinary thoughts?"
- Thomas Keating, excerpts from Monday's video
"Mrs. Pogson said, 'It is really living from your inner certainties. One has to begin somehow. You see how the Work is designed to this end. The preparation is very gradual. You need first a little control over your negative emotions and over your thoughts.
"There are two things. First, a long period of seeing the hindrances, then through Self-Remembering seeing new meaning. Then the channel must be clear so you can act from your inner certainties.
"… One does have to make a fire in oneself that never goes out, the fire of the Work.
"… It is gradually possible to be aware of one's contradictions, of different levels, of all one's 'I's', of the centers, of inner taste, where one is in oneself, whether one is conscious in Essence, whether one is reaching up to Self-Remembering. All this is practice."
- Beryl Pogson, Brighton Work Talks

            I am.
            I wish … and will be!
            I can Work.
"Moreover my Being is necessary not only for my personal egoism but also for the common welfare of all humanity."
- G. I. Gurdjieff, Life is Real Only Then, When 'I am'
"I have never been able to bring home to you the feeling of the debt that each of us bears for our having been incarnated. Everything that we call 'natural' is the product of beings superior to us, provided at great cost so that we could have experience. Existence — the participation in the experiences of incarnation — cost somebody something. To feel the obligation of this is to have an understanding of what is meant by paying for one's existence."
- Charles Stanley Nott, Teachings of Gurdjieff, cited in Brighton Work Talks
A Meditation
"As we approach this most mysterious and luminous feast of Easter, I want to say how grateful I am for the gift of your friendship and support.  We move in to this abyss of light, not as solitary ones, but as deeply connected in the one cosmic emerging Body of Christ.   Life and death are bound up in one inextricable flow of energy that seeks to be liberated within each of us.  Our task is to be liberated from the illusions of our partial lives, the necessary deaths we often reject; the saving deaths we resist; the life-giving deaths we cannot understand — all are bound up in this feast of Passover.   We too must say 'yes' to death so that we may be carried over into God, the God of our heart, our future and fullness of life forever."
- Ilia Delio, Letter to the Community of The Church of Conscious Harmony, Holy Thursday 2017
To Practice
We are now in the 50 days of Easter. From your reflections on the Easter mysteries and our journey together, if you have not already done so, create an active prayer phrase of 8-12 syllables and begin to repeat it silently as much as you are able, allowing it to settle in your subconscious. This is Self-Remembering.

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