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Monday February 4 – A Review
Behold, I make all things new.
- Revelation 21: 5
Periodically throughout this yearlong program, we will be taking breaks to allow time to pause, catch-up and review.  In this spirit, here are some high points we've covered these past three weeks:
Why intentionally embark on the spiritual journey?
"'What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of a human life? Where is the fullness of life to be found?' All the great questions of life can be approached, explored and experienced by embarking on the spiritual journey.   …Christian religion [is] a life to be lived, a relationship with God to be developed and enjoyed. …"
- Thomas Keating, "Introduction," 1012 Monastery Road
"It seems that nothing can be truly verified or honestly understood until it has first been lived, which is why the Christian journey is a lived reality and not merely an intellectual belief. In the end, then, Christ's mystery and revelation only unfold as much as we ourselves unfold; and if grace precedes, revelation follows."
- Bernadette Roberts, The Experience of No-Self: A Contemplative Journey
"If creation is to move forward toward its completion and transformation in God, what took place in the life of Jesus must take place in our lives as well. God evolves the universe and brings it to its completion through the cooperation of human beings. Thus it matters what we do and how we live in relation to God, for only through our actions can we encounter God."
- Ilia Delio, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution and the Power of Love
The Importance of Trust
"The Christian spiritual path is based on a deepening trust in God. It is trust that first allows us to take that initial leap in the dark, to encounter God at deeper levels of ourselves. And it is trust that guides the intimate refashioning of our being, the transformation of our pain, woundedness, and unconscious motivation into the person that God intended us to be."
- Thomas Keating, Intimacy with God
What is contemplative prayer and how does it contribute to the spiritual journey?
"Contemplative prayer is a process of interior transformation, a conversion initiated by God and leading, if we consent, to divine union. One's way of seeing reality changes in this process. A restructuring of consciousness takes place which empowers one to perceive, relate and respond to everyday life with increasing sensitivity to the divine presence in, through and beyond everything that happens."
- Thomas Keating, Open Mind, Open Heart
"… To know God in this way is to perceive a new dimension to all reality."
- Thomas Keating, Open Mind, Open Heart
To Practice:
- Review any emails, readings, video excerpts or transcripts you found particularly helpful or that you wish to take in again more deeply. An archive of previous emails may be found here.

- In one of our video excerpts Fr. Thomas asks, "What are you waiting for?" Ponder where you are in trusting God, your willingness for the spiritual journey and your Centering Prayer practice.  

- Registration for Journey Groups is now closed and the organization of each group is happening.  You will be notified this week with your Journey Group assignment and further instructions.
- When your Journey Groups begin meeting next week, share your experience with Centering Prayer and attitudes about God, as well as questions, wonderings, frustrations, and affirmations. Giving voice to your experience is a gift to yourself and others in this process of transformation. Everything belongs. If you're not in a Journey Group, writing in a journal may bring clarity and illumination. “Ask and it is given …"
- Spend some time resting from activity, in being rather than doing.
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