New series introduced - The Great Recession: Chopping Block.
Chopping Block: The Great Recession, Series 3

Chopping Block, China and Critical Mass

The Great Recession Series 3

November 2011

I'd like to introduce the third chapter of The Great Recession, a work in progress titled Chopping Block. Chopping Block explores the pervasive economic crisis and the subsequent budget cuts that are rippling through our federal, state and local governments. It's a confusing time.
The Federal Aviation Administration was left without funds for a week, causing all construction to cease. Solyndra, a green energy company, received over half a billion dollars in loan guarantees from the federal government, yet they went bankrupt within a year of receiving the loans. Their pristine campus sits mournful and empty alongside the freeway. Beloved parks are on the chopping block. Museums, swimming pools, redevelopment agencies, libraries and schools are on the chopping block. Rural communities across the country are struggling with the news that over 3,700 post offices, often hubs in their small community, are under review for closure. Seventy percent of the civil courts in San Francisco are slated to loose funding and close, creating an unprecedented backlog in the city's justice system. This scope is staggering and the list seems to grow longer with each budget cycle.

I hope you'll take a moment to visit the gallery here- The Great Recession: Chopping Block.

I'd like to thank Kirsten Rian for curating me into the American Life exhibition which will open at the Lishui International Photo Festival in Lishui, China. I'll be boarding a plane for China today and I'm very humbled and honored for the invitation. I've decided to return to my roots while in China, in addition to my digital work I'll be taking film cameras loaded with black and white film with a plan to hand print the results next year.

On a final celebratory note, Photolucida's Critical Mass Top 50 results were announced yesterday and The Dealership Wreck, series two of my recession work, was included in the Top 50. Series one of the recession work- Foreclosure, USA, was honored in the top 50 last year. You can see the winners for 2011 here: Critical Mass
Top 50, 2011.

Kind Regards,

Kirk Crippens

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