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ISSUE #4  /   October 8, 2012

Happy October, Dribbblers!

It's been a while since we sent out our last newsletter, but we're hoping to stay on track and make this a monthly thing. We've moved into a new studio space, added some new members to the team and have lots of exciting things to share. 

What we've been working on...


The rise of high resolution displays has put Dribbble in a unique position. As a site that constrains its image uploads to fixed pixel dimensions, how should we handle images that appear on HiDPI (e.g. Retina) devices? Many Dribbblers are designing (and have been for quite some time) @2x for iOS apps. Others are creating @2x assets for the recently-released Retina Macbook Pro. And still more are concerned about making their work look as sharp as possible for devices that support HiDPI now and in the future. Apple has led the way with Retina displays, but other device makers are following suit. Soon, HiDPI displays will be the norm, blurring all of our lovingly-crafted 72dpi images.

To get a leg up on all of this and make it simpler for folks uploading @2x work they’re sharing on Dribbble, we’re pleased to announce that starting today, ALL Players have the ability to upload 800×600 shots in addition to the normal 400×300.

How it works: On HiDPI displays, we show an 800×600 shot in 400×300 reference pixels for twice the resolution (yes, this makes our heads hurt, too). In normal displays, we’ll show a downsized 400x300 version. In either type of display, you’ll be able to see @2x shots at 800×600 by toggling the @2x link.

We’ve also made some other HiDPI enhancements leading up to this release: crisper icons, @2x thumbnail shots (for screens that support them), etc. The caliber of work shared by the Dribbble community continues to be a source of joy and awe for us, so we’re thrilled that it can now appear @2x sharper.

Read more about the new HiDPI support on the Dribbble Blog →

New designs coming soon to the Equipment Shop

Back by popular demand, we've restocked our classic Dribbble tee. We've also added two new designs: the Infinite Hyperlink tee and the glow in the dark Bally Roger tee, available soon in the Equipment Shop.

PRO TIP: Did you know you can find designers by location, skills and availability just by going pro?


Music Boxes by Keith Tatum.


From Jeremy Holmes: "The Templeton Twins Have an Idea" was written by Ellis Weiner and will be published by Chronicle Books in the Fall of 2012. Jeremy did an amazing job creating the gorgeous illustrations.


King of Diamonds by Pendale Design.


Dreamstime brings you millions of high quality stock images, vectors and illustrations. With a free image database, the friendliest photo community and dedicated team, Dreamstime provides the visual elements that help designers achieve creative success.


Nick Slater


Are you a New England Dribbbler? We're throwing a party to celebrate our new office here in Salem, our new team members and our t-shirt designs. RSVP here. This will hopefully be the first of many events in our new space.


Simon Walker


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