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Annual Meeting Highlights
We had a successful 1st Annual Meeting with 14 people attending. Thanks to all members who joined us and again a big "Thank You" to Eric for all the support this year.
We talked about our successes during the year, public events attended, surpassing our Facebook goals of 500 followers, and the interest we are building in the community.
We also asked "How can we motivate others to make that member share purchase of $150?" We are working on some "member benefits" of coupons and deals that members can use even before we have a store. We will keep you posted.

Gofundme Video
Here is where you can help the MVFC right now, and without anything but a very small bit of your time. We are creating the first MVFC fundraising video and need a big, happy group to break out your best karaoke talents - or just lip-sync your heart out for MVFC. We changed the lyrics to Row, Row, Row Your Boat (don't tell us you don't know that one) and need YOU on Saturday, November 21 at 10AM. This is your chance at YouTube fame and fortune - or at least fame and fortune for MVFC!
Email for the lyrics. See you at Lakeview!

Community Meeting - Community Caring
Our last monthly meeting of the year will take place Monday, November 16 from 6-7PM at Lakeview Kitchen.
We know how busy the upcoming holiday season can be and respect your time. This Monday we will answer your co-op questions and updates.
We also wanted to reach out to our community and collect donations of Household or Childrens Goods, (ie towels, sheets, children's books) to donate to the Emmaus shelter. Click here for ideas: 
Bring your donations to a meeting and we will drop them off at Emmaus. 


Meet us at Lakeview

Monday - Nov 16

Community Meeting
6 - 7pm

Saturday - Nov 21

gofundme video shoot 
10 am
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