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It is official!

MVFC is pleased to report that the opening  sales of member shares began successfully at our Kickoff event.
A big Thank You to The Tap for the space and Cabot Cheese for the cheese and raffle basket.

An enthusiastic group attended and learned the basics of coops from Dana's presentation. Board members were able to speak with each of the people attending to answer specific questions one-on-one as well as during a productive question and answer period.

Here are a few clarifying points that came up:

1. How much does a share cost?
A share for an individual or household costs a one time $150.
It is one time only, not an annual fee.
2. What are the benefits of buying a share?
A member share will give you ownership in the coop, you will have one vote during member elections and a voice in coop business. Member owners will also earn dividend checks based on their purchases during a profitable year.
3. What will the coop look like?
It will look like a modern grocery store with all the basic staples a family needs but with a special focus based on member choices. Typically there would be local, sustainable, organic or bulk items, but that is for the members to decide. 
4. Is the coop open now?
No, we are in the 2nd phase of planning so member shares are an investment in our future plans. This is a critical time and your member share is even more important now as plans and ideas are being formed. You can be part of something important in our community.

Please email us or leave a Facebook comment with your questions. We love to talk Co-op.

Stay Tuned

MVFC is looking for people or groups to host a pot luck or informational event to spread the word about co-ops.
Who do you know that would love a coop in their area?
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