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Thank you to all of you who joined the Merrimack Valley Food Coop over the holidays. We appreciate your support.

We thought we would let you all know what we have been planning lately.

oard members have been asked to give a food co-op presentation at the Haverhill Universalist Unitarian Church. We were pleased to receive the invitation and look forward to meeting the folks over there this weekend.

We also plan to participate in Team Haverhill's "Possible Dreams" event. We will lead a topic discussion about co-ops at the now rescheduled event on March 2nd. It sounds like a terrific opportunity to spread the word about what food co-ops can do for a community and can't wait to meet the people attending.

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Memberships continue to be filled out and returned and we definitely hope that trend will continue at a good pace in 2015. In case you didn't get yours yet, feel free to click MVFC Membership Application

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