Merrimack Valley Food Coop - We Can Only Do This Together

We Can Only Do This Together

Make the Co-op Happen This Year
Last year we connected with so many people who thought having a co-op in Haverhill was a terrific idea. This year we need people to take action and join us. The only way a co-op will become a reality is if we all work together. Encourage your family and friends to buy a share today. Remember, it is a one-time $150 cost, one time and that is it, to buy a member share and then you will own part of a real business. How often can you say that?
Benefits of being a member owner of our co-operative business:
1. Bring a new business to the growing Haverhill economy
2. Be able to have food shopping options of fresh, local food in a year-round grocery store (once we open)
3. Earn dividends on what you purchase in a profitable year (once we are open)
4. Receive member perks now - like Cabot Cheese samples - and more to come!
The faster we sell shares, the faster our co-op will exist - let's make this happen!

Let the Fundraising Commence!
The video is live and posted! Everyone who participated deserves a huge thank you for being willing to sing along to the remake of Own, Own, Own the Co-op. Well done everyone! You will probably recognize a few faces from around town. 
Let's not forget the purpose - educating people about co-ops and... raising that market study money! So here are the 5 simple steps you can take:
1. Click here:
2. Watch the video 
3. Donate any amount you are able, even a few dollars will get us to our goal
4. Share the link in your social media
5. Tell everyone about MVFC
 Please and Thank you!

Community Participation - Urban Design
 Board members attended the late December meeting about the Urban Design proposal for the Merrimack St. area of downtown Haverhill. There was excellent attendance and positive feedback from the group gathered. Since we are planning a new business with the co-op, it was encouraging to think about the possibilities for MVFC as Haverhill thinks about its future. Join that conversation here:

Hosting Potlucks 
When we first started this co-op plan, we used pot lucks as a way to teach people about co-operatives in a more relaxed setting. A pot luck takes off the pressure of planning a large group event by asking everyone to bring a simple dish to share. What a "co-operative" concept!
Could you invite a few of your neighbors, friends or coworkers for a pot luck today? Tell us when you are available for a fun evening and we will lead the co-op discussion. It's social, easy and very low-budget.
Come on and pot luck with us soon!

Go Fund Us

Please remember to click and share our link today:
Thank you for your support!
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