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October is Cooperatives Build Month 

Dear MVFC Co-op Fans,
Let’s celebrate October is Co-op Month!
We are your volunteer board members and want to give you some ideas of how you can help us follow the theme of “Build” during October is Co-op Month!
Growing a co-op can take a lot of time, which is typical in a grassroots movement, but the more we spread the word and sell memberships, the faster we will be able to open the doors to the Merrimack Valley Food Co-op as a real member owned grocery store. That will be an amazing day!
That is where you come in. Our valued co-op fans, who better to share how great a co-op will be for our community than people who love co-ops?
“Building the Co-op” can be simple and the more help we get, the easier the work. Here are a few quick ways to help digitally “Build”:

  1. Like, Share and Comment on our Facebook posts
  2. Tell us why you love co-ops or how they make things better, we will post these to motivate others to go co-op
  3. Share our newsletters with friends, co-workers and neighbors
  4. Send us a photo that says co-op to you
  5. Email us post ideas or co-op related topics
  6. Draft a pitch for an article in Haverhill Magazine, Merrimack Valley Magazine or other publicity
For the non-digital version:
  1. Call your friends and ask them to join
  2. Plan a pot luck where we can ask your friends to join
  3. Tell us about a buying club or other active community group we can talk to about the co-op
  4. Volunteer to help us at an outreach event
  5. Join the board! There are still at least 3 board seats available

If everyone helps just a little, we will make much faster progress. Your current board has a lot of energy and is motivated to keep things going, but we are only human.
Please check out the lists above and decide what one or two things can you do today. Make sure to let us know how you are going to “build”. Everyone who helps out during “October is Co-op Month” will be entered to win a cool co-op prize pack!
Co-ops are community based and we need YOU, our community to jump on in. Come build with us!
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Your board,
Suzanne, Swanna and Laura


October 23

2nd Annual Meeting
Members join us on Sunday, October 23 from 4-6pm for a fun co-op event. For details email
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