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“I can’t wait to go home and read more!” is what WETA's Brian King remembers most from a participant in his user-testing for Learning Media about captions in online videos. As WETA’s senior multimedia producer for, a program sharing information and creating support communities for people affected by traumatic brain injury, Brian is measuring first-hand how some media tools enable learning better than others. More about WETA's success metrics at: dotSUB's blog.
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TED's Open Translation Project is Two!

Open Translation Project Turns a Terrific Two

Powered by dotSUB's crowd-sourcing plaform, TED’s volunteer translators have generated over 18,500 translations of TED's video Talks in 81 languages during the last two years. Read what some of the translators say about their experiences here.
dotSUB's Advisors

dotSUB's Advisors: Global Leaders

dotSUB's growing leadership team now includes our newly appointed Advisory Broad of global leaders in internet technologies, mobile, linguistics, machine translations, marketing, advertising and Asian markets. Welcome aboard!
The Art of Translations

The Art of Translations

Can “The Big Apple Goes Bananas” be Translated into Chinese?  The simple answer is… maybe, depending who you are trying to reach, and how you are trying to reach them. Translation is not only extremely subjective; it is actually an art form that you can learn about.
A dog is sad because he doesn't get meat - and let's you know - without mincing his words!!

 A Talking Dog?

This dog is really sad because he doesn't get the meat treats he keeps hearing about - so he lets his master know - without mincing his words!!
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"New Way To Be Human," music video by Switchfoot

A New Way to Be Human

"And where is our inspiration?" this music video by Switchfoot asks, "When all the heroes are are gone," focusing on the positive, redemptive, transformative nature of humans: "Hey kids, could we be the ones?"
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Translators without Borders

Speaking the Language of Service 

Médecins du Monde talks about the importance of translations for their work, and how the non-profit Translators Without Borders saves them valuable financial resources that they can use instead for buying medicines and paying doctors in the field.
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