There's always another way
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Twenty one statements you can disagree with. Or not.

  1. There is always another way.
  2. The most important thing to get right is the well being of the child.
  3. Teaching children to think for themselves is of critical importance.
  4. Teachers are humans too. So are school leaders.
  5. Engagement trumps behaviour.
  6. Qualifications are an indicator of something but not everything.
  7. We don't all learn the same way.
  8. Data should be used to improve your children, not the other way round.
  9. You can't say what works. You can only really say what worked. For you. With that class. Then.
  10. Clicking at children is just wrong. So is shouting at them.
  11. Testing children measures how well children can pass tests.
  12. It's not just complicated, it's complex.
  13. Children don't fail school, school fails them.
  14. 'Ofsted Outstanding' banners outside schools should be burned.
  15. Childhood is not simply a training programme for adulthood.
  16. Most children want to do well. So do most teachers.
  17. The future will be less like the past than present is.
  18. Niceness trumps bullying and ideas trump egos.
  19. Environmental issues, health and wellbeing, the Arts and citizenship should be at the heart of any curriculum.
  20. Education is too important to be taken seriously.
  21. All progress depends on awkward fish.
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