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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 | BRYANSTON

Hi Metrogainers,

Thank you for coming out to play last night, even with a storm threatening. We got sooo lucky with the weather!

First, my thanks to Robin, Barry and the Rivertrail Scouts for so warmly welcoming us to their venue. Paula and her scouts fundraising team enthusiastically jumped into preparing hotdogs for afterwards.
On my side I had pre- and during event assistance from my long-event-suffering mom, Liz. She gets roped into so many event things. And on the night I had help from Denise, Daniella, Telana, Fred and Mike. Denise and Christie were responsible for the baking and icing of the 170 delicious cupcakes! Yum!

I went through all of the clue sheets last night (*yawn*) to check your math (oh goodness! hahahaha - most were correct) and also to assign points to the few gremlin controls, as required. I made a few adjustments here and there. I noticed a number of wrong answers and because this essentially affects number of controls obtained, you'll see that I've indicated a number of controls visited, then the score for the appropriate number of controls for the course (highest scores if you got more than required). If you got an answer wrong, you didn't get the points for it. There were only a few where my tally was different to yours.

Winners on each course are:
  • 20 controls: Colin Thomas & Trad Cruikshank (730pts). They ran 17,8km (see Strava track)
  • 16 controls: Hannes Koegelenberg & Alma Jordaan (610pts)
  • 12 controls: Rory Ellis & Mike Jones (520pts)
  • 8 controls: Kieren Wilkie & Lea Smith (330pts)
Full results are available online (PDF). Keep an eye on the Metrogaine Facebook page for routes taken by participants.

Walls and gates and features look different at night to how they look in the day, when I'm scouting, and also errors can happen, despite my best intentions. There were one or two individual queries that came up where I wasn't quite sure what the issue was... I have a feeling you were in the wrong place. When a number of people query the same control and the mistake is mine, then I'm quite happy to award the points. I figure that unless you were there you wouldn't know that something was wrong.

Who is on guard at house #111? ADT | Dog | Lion
I knew something wrong when people started coming back to say none of these were there valid. Some could see a statue of a dog far down the driveway... I never use things for clues that are behind a gate because I'm not sure what you'll be able to see at night and also that's way too cryptic. As it turns out, this house has just recently (since Thursday) replaced their gates! A number of runners reported seeing the old gates just inside the property. The new gates have tulips or such on the gate. There was a sign on the old gate that read "This property is guarded by ... " and a picture of a rotweiller. I gave you the 30 pts for this control.

Shapes on house #10 gate. Circles | Squares | Triangles
I do try to place the circle on the map in the exact place as the house location because this affects your route planning and I really don't expect you to hunt/search for answers. They should be visible to you if you're in the right place.

I have a confession... At 1am on Thursday night last week I was trying to get a minimum course distance less than 5km on the 8-control course. I needed two closer controls and I knew I wouldn't be able to get out to Bryanston before the event. For the first time, I turned to Google Street View. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Anyhoo... I 'ran' up and down the roads, checked out the corners, the houses all around and aimed to go for a generic clue that most likely would not have changed in the few years since the street view was taken... What I got wrong was the placement of the circle (doh!) (180° in the wrong direction?). #10 was further down the road and the black gate with circles is there. I awarded the points because I don't expect you to run around hunting for it. Those blocks are long! 

Driveway 'decoration'. Rocks | Plants | Statues
The circle was slap-band in the middle of the road but in any event there was no house clearly visible on the other side of the road anyway. I also didn't include a house number... Most people got it right ('plants') but a good number thought 'rocks' was the right answer. There's some kind of rocks / rubble situation there.


Thank you for coming to play at this Metrogaine. The events already scheduled on the orienteering calendar for next year (Wednesdays 8 April and 17 June 2015) will revert to the regular Metrogaine format where you get a map with loads of points-weighted controls and you've got 60-minutes or 90-minutes to get as many points as possible.

To help you deal with your Metrogaine addiction, please see the note below about the AR Club Summer Series events (two now and a few more early next year) on Wednesday next week and the week after at Delta Park. I hope to see you there.


Earlier this year AR Club hosted a series of Metrogaine-style events in Delta Park. We're doing the same next Wednesday (and the next) to take advantage of our lovely summer evenings. Children who are still at school get free entry. Event info on the AR Club page.


Looking for MIKE JONES
Mike came to Metrogaine with some friends and I hooked him up with Rory Ellis. They won the 12-control course. Mike, I've got your prize. Email me plz.

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