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Tues Dec 3 Food Systems 101: Global Food Systems - Delaware Valley College, Mandell 114, 700 E Butler Ave Doylestown, PA [6 - 7:30 pm]
Thur Dec 5 Organic Vegetable Intensive-Insects, Winter Greens - Nurture Nature Center, 518 Northampton Street Easton, PA [8:30 am - 5 pm]
Thur Dec 5 The Farm Fresh Film Series: Food Stamped - County Theater, 20 E State St Doylestown, PA [7:30 - 9:30 pm]

Fri Dec 6 First Friday at Blue Moon Acres Market - 11 Willow Creek Drive, Pennington, NJ [4 - 7 pm]

Sat Dec 7 Community Supported Agriculture School - Dickinson College 272 W High Street Carlisle, PA [9 am - 5:30 pm]

Mon Dec 9 Farm Transitions - Berks County Agricultural Center [1 - 4:30 pm]

Wed Dec 11 BCFA Board Meeting - TBD
Sat Dec 14 Wrightstown Winter Farmers' Market - Wrightstown Twp. Municipal Bldg (parking lot), 2203 2nd Street Pike, Wrightstown, PA [10 am - 11 am]
Sat Dec 28 Wrightstown Winter Farmers' Market - Wrightstown Twp. Municipal Bldg (parking lot), 2203 2nd Street Pike, Wrightstown, PA [10 am - 11 am]

Sat Dec 28 First Annual Wine and Cheese Tasting Fundraiser - Flint Hill Farm, 1922 Flint Hill Road, Coopersburg, PA [3 - 7 pm]

For more details, see the BCFA full calendar here.

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The Farm to Gym Movement

At the Crossfit Woodshed gym in Littleton, Massachusetts, wedged between giant barbells and a couple of stationary bikes, sits a freezer. Under its lid: grass-fed, sustainable meat, all sourced from a small local farm. To quote farmer Matt Gagnon, “CrossFit people are not the ones you’d typically find at farmer’s markets.” But start unpacking the CrossFit lifestyle — in particular its meaty diet — and the farm-gym connection grows clear. Continue reading here...
November 2013: In this month's issue
Local, regional and national food news

Can you eat healthy on food stamps?
Triumph Brewing Co wins “green” award from
Nature Conservancy

Wrightstown Farmers' Winter Markets
A fresher Philly
Food Waste: The Next Food Revolution
The Healthy Farmland Diet
Frozen vs. Fresh: Where's the nutrition?
The GMO Report
Farm Bill Update
The Farm to Gym Movement

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Can you eat healthy on food stamps?

This Thursday, December 5, come see the documentary Food Stamped, an informative and humorous film following a couple as they attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget. The film will be shown at the County Theater in Doylestown. Doors open at 7 pm, the movie begins at 7:30 pm and will be followed by a panel discussion about local hunger relief. The film is co-sponsored by the Doylestown Food Co-Op and the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance. Please bring non-perishable goods for our local food pantries. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.
Wrightstown Farmers' Market
Wrightstown Farmers' Winter Markets

Winter may be coming but you can still get locally produced and grown food! The Wrightstown Farmers' Market will be holding twice monthly markets every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10 am to 11 am from December 2013 through April 2014 at their regular market location.

Fourteen of your favorite vendors will be there selling produce, pasture-raised beef, pork, chicken, turkey and dairy products, organic, fair trade locally roasted coffee, gluten free meals, freshly baked breads, cookies, pies, crisp and juicy apples, cider, organic maple syrup, handmade soaps and lotions and more. Mark your calendars and sign up for emails here (pre-ordering is encouraged).
Food Waste revolution
Food Waste: The Next Food Revolution

Half the food in the last year was thrown out. One billion people are hungry. The next food revolution is about what you're not eating. Currently, in the U.S., almost half of our food — 40 percent of what we grow — ends up in the garbage. Globally, food waste is rising to 50 percent as developing nations struggle with spoilage and Western nations simply toss edible food away. Read more in this Modern Farmer article including more than ten ways to waste less food in your kitchen.
Fresh vs Frozen video
Frozen vs. Fresh: Where's the nutrition?

It would be nice if we could all lie with our mouths to the ground, chomping on fresh potatoes the second they emerge from the dirt, says's Holly Richmond. But since we’re, like, BUSY and stuff, buying fresh produce at the grocery store is almost as good, right? This video thinks not. In fact, Asap Science makes a pretty compelling case for frozen fruits and veggies over “fresh” ones in the produce aisle. See if you’re convinced:
Farm Bill Update
Farm Bill Update

While not much seems to be progressing in Congress these days, there is slow movement on the Farm Bill which is long overdue to be revamped. Here are two articles that focus on issues currently being debated in Washington DC.

Farm bill takes aim at state animal welfare laws, other state laws may be affected as well. The future of state laws that regulate everything from the size of a hen's cage to the safe consumption of Gulf oysters may be at stake as farm bill negotiators work to resolve a long-simmering fight between agriculture and animal welfare interests. Read the Associated Press article here.

U.S. farm subsidy reforms under attack in Congress discussions. A congressional agreement to tighten U.S. farm subsidy rules for the benefit of small and family farmers is under attack in the final negotiations over a new, overdue farm bill. Read the Reuters article here.
Triumph Brewing Co wins “green” award from Nature Conservancy

Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope won the 2013 Nature's Plate Award this fall, a people's choice online contest in which the public nominates their favorite "green" restaurants. Triumph was one of only a handful in Pennsylvania to win the contest, which asked people to consider eateries that are using sustainable seafood, free-range and grass-fed meat, organic produce, locally sourced food, and tap water (rather than bottled water). Triumph changed their menu last year to concentrate on local, seasonal food, sourced from Bucks and nearby.
Philly corner stores
A fresher Philly

Maybe it’s not surprising that Philadelphia — home of the cheesesteak, scrapple, and Tastykake — has one of the highest obesity rates among large U.S. cities. But the city’s most visible and far-reaching program, the largest of its kind in the country, has been the Healthy Corner Store Initiative. The city-wide project, spearheaded by Philadelphia-based nonprofit The Food Trust, is an attempt to convince corner stores, those one-stop shops for SunnyD and SnoBalls, to carry healthy food. Read the full article here.
The Healthy Farmland Diet

Would growing less corn improve our health and help America’s heartland? While the federal government and leading nutrition experts call on Americans to adopt a healthier diet, including more fruits and vegetables and less red meat, the nation’s massive agricultural land base today is not producing that healthy mix.

Much of the food grown on U.S. farms takes the form of crops—largely corn and soybeans—that become processed food ingredients, livestock feed, and ethanol. Aligning U.S. farm production with nutritional objectives would make far greater sense.

But if the majority of Americans started consuming more fruits and vegetables and less junk food and meat, would U.S. farmers and farmland be able to adjust? In this report, the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests using an economic model of global trade flows to investigate how the U.S. farm landscape would be altered if Americans started eating more healthfully. Read more of this white paper here.

The GMO Report

Since there is much news about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our food supply these days, we're sharing two pertinent articles in the news recently.

Big Food Wants to Crush the GMO Labeling Movement, by Tom Philpott in Mother Jones. According to documents from the Grocery Manufacturers Association uncovered by the public-health lawyer and writer Michele Simon, Big Food has no intention of laying down its lobbying or campaign finance swords on the labeling fight. In fact, the GMA is pushing for a federal law that not only frees the industry from the burden of a national label, but that would also preempt any state labeling requirement. And the group is lining up cash—"a long-range funding mechanism"—for the effort. Read more here.

Playing the field: Corn likes to sleep around — and that makes it hard to control GMOs, by Nathaniel Johnson in If there’s one thing that everyone in the GMO debate agrees upon, it’s that pollen spreads. Who's responsible when GMO - or any - pollen gets into other crops? How do we control for this in an increasingly complex agricultural landscape? Johnson reports on this issue in a series of excellent, balanced articles here.

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