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The STEPS Centre is a global research and policy engagement centre, funded by the ESRC, bringing together development studies and science and technology studies. Our work with partners around the world spans agriculture, water, health, energy and climate change. We would love to hear from you:

COP21: Making sense of climate change

In the run up to December's COP21 climate change conference we have been investigating multiple responses to climate change - the framings, practices, links and tensions within local communities, governments, international co-operation and global agreements. We've gathered our most useful resources to help make sense of one of the world's most urgent challenges.
COP21, climate and sustainability

Our new Global Consortium

In early 2016, to coincide with the start of the post-2015 era of sustainable development, we hope to launch the Pathways to Sustainability Global Consortium. The Consortium builds on long-standing relationships with research partners around the world.
Pathways to Sustainability Global Consortium
Launch of STEPS Africa: Low-carbon Africa
Launch of STEPS China: Pathways to Sustainability in a Changing China
News from STEPS Latin America: Centro STEPS America Latina

Stories from STEPS

We're telling the tales of our research and the people we work with a new series of digital stories, published on collaborative story site Medium. Waste Not, Want Not looks at the working lives of India’s waste pickers, and reveals the hidden connections within the life and politics of the city. Float like a Fab Lab, sting like a Honey Bee looks at movements and experiences of ‘grassroots innovation’ and ‘inclusive innovation’ around the world, and asks how they might change how people think about making, producing and consuming things.
Stories from STEPS

Just published: new titles in our book series

We have some fantastic new books out in our Pathways to Sustainability series published by Routledge, from carbon conflicts and GM crops. Use code DC361 for a 20% discount.
Pathways to Sustainability series
Governing Agricultural Sustainability: Global lessons from GM crops
Carbon Conflicts and Forest Landscapes in Africa
The Politics of Green Transformations

Resource Politics

Myint Zaw, winner of one of this year’s ‘Green Nobels’, the Goldman Environmental Prize for Asia, is one of a stellar line up of speakers at Resource Politics 2015, this year's STEPS Centre annual conference on 7-9 September. We'll be discussing the politics of resource access, allocation and distribution. Tickets are sold out but you can still get involved online.
Resource Politics 2015

Director Ian Scoones wins ESRC impact award

STEPS Director Ian Scoones won an Outstanding International Impact Award at the ESRC’s Celebrating Impact event, for his ground-breaking work on rural livelihoods in Zimbabwe.
Video, blogs and resources

STEPS Summer School success

Our fourth Summer School, with 42 participants from 31 countries, brought together highly-motivated doctoral and postdoctoral researchers,working in fields around development studies, science and technology studies, innovation and policy studies, and across agricultural, health, water or energy issues. Find out what happened
STEPS Summer School 2015

ISSC Transformative Knowledge Network

We received an International Social Science Council (ISSC) seed grant under the new Transformations to Sustainability Programme, part of Future Earth. The grant allowed us to map future research on sustainable agricultural and food systems for healthy livelihoods, low carbon energy transitions and water and waste for sustainable cities with partners in Argentina, India, China, Kenya, Sweden and the USA.
ISSC Transformative Knowledge Network

Addressing Resistance to Antibiotics

There is growing concern about the public health threat of the emergence and spread of bacteria resistant to existing antibiotics. A new Working Paper from the STEPS Centre and Future Health Systems addresses access to, and the appropriate use of, antibiotics.
Working Paper: Addressing Resistance to Antibiotics in Pluralistic Health Systems
Blogpost:A Fair Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

One Health for the Real World

STEPS-led Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium, with the Zoological Society of London and the Royal Society, will present new interdisciplinary frameworks for a One Health approach to zoonoses, highlight evidence from research in Africa and beyond, and debate implications for policy and practice at a symposium on 17-18 March 2016.
Find out more about the symposium and book tickets
See: Disease Scenarios website
Sign up: Join the Drivers of Disease mailing list


Blog: hot debates, critical responses

Everyday on the STEPS Centre blog our researchers confront current issues and discuss emerging findings. We invite you to read, engage and join in the debate in the comments section. Make sure you never miss a post by signing up for our weekly blog digest.


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