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Delhi's Waste Site Story STEPS research on Indian waste management,

El papel transformador de la innovación Centro STEPS America Latina,  Pagina 12

Positives for science after US-Africa summit Ian Scoones,

Four policy steps to drive technological change David Ockwell,

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The STEPS Centre is a global research and policy engagement centre, funded by the ESRC, bringing together development studies and science and technology studies. Our work with partners around the world spans agriculture, water, health, energy and climate change. We would love to hear from you:

The best of the STEPS blog 2014

A year of building pathways to sustainability:
From a 1970s workers’ movement, ‘secret knowledge’ in Ebola-hit West Africa and GM in China to a transformative approach for climate technology policy, we have picked 12 of the most fascinating blog posts from STEPS members this year.
The best of the STEPS blog 2014

Powerful new focus for climate technology policy

An opportunity for a new framing of international climate technology policy around nurturing National Systems of Innovation is put forward by David Ockwell and Rob Byrne, including a Working Paper and policy briefing.
National Systems of Innovation: UN climate technology policy takes a positive turn

New book: The Politics of Green Transformations

What does it take to create the multiple ‘green transformations’ required for humanity to live sustainably? Across 11 chapters by leading authors, this latest book in the STEPS Centre's Pathways to Sustainability series, edited by Ian Scoones, Melissa Leach and Pete Newell, examines what social and political alliances are required to realise green transformations.
Order now: Chapters and authors
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Event: Register for 24 February launch with Michael Jacobs (IDDRI), Mariana Mazzucato (University of Sussex), Andrew Simms (NEF) and Camilla Toulmin

Study with the STEPS Centre in 2015

Applications are now invited for the STEPS Centre Summer School on building pathways to sustainability, which takes place 11-22 May. We are also offering PhD training in association with the Sussex ESRC Doctoral Training Centre.
STEPS Centre Summer School 2015 (deadline 28 January)
ESRC Studentships (deadline 30 January)

GM Food, the Precautionary Principle and innovation uncertainty

The UK House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee is carrying out an inquiry into the way genetically modified foods are regulated in Europe under the precautionary principle. STEPS Centre Co-Director Professor Andy Stirling gave evidence following our submission to the inquiry, which was signed by 19 academic experts. Prof. Stirling also contributed a chapter to accompany the inaugural report of the UK Government's Chief Scientific Advisor on innovation risk.
Precaution: Video, text and resources
Innovation: Innovation choices in the face of uncertainty


Ebola: promoting local  knowledge and perspectives

Our work on Ebola and other zoonotic diseases sets dominant views based on security, global risks and biomedical framings of the disease, against neglected perspectives based on local knowledge, the role of poverty and the influences of environmental and social change.
Hot topic: Ebola and animal-to-human diseases

STEPS America Latina launches new website

The Centro STEPS America Latina – the new regional hub for our Global Pathways to Sustainability Consortium – has unveiled its dedicated website while its research programme goes from strength to strength.
Website: STEPS America Latina
Blog: A new way of doing science': Future Earth in Argentina by Paddy Van Zwanenberg and Mariano Fressoli

Gender equality and Sustainability

The STEPS Centre's Melissa Leach and Lyla Mehta have used the STEPS pathways approach to contribute to a major United Nations report that highlights the deep connections between gender equality and sustainable development, as the world moves towards a post-2015 framework.
Report: World survey on role of women in development
Blog: Why gender equality and sustainable development are inextricably linked by Melissa Leach


CRIBs (Climate Relevant Innovation-system Builders) A powerful new focus for international climate technology policy by David Ockwell and Rob Bryne (STEPS briefing)

CRIBs (Climate Relevant Innovation-system Builders): Policy Recommendations on Fostering National Systems of Innovation under the UNFCCC by by David Ockwell and Rob Bryne (STEPS Working Paper 76)

Not Another Nexus? Critical Thinking on the New Security Convergence in Energy, Food, Climate and Water by Shilpi Srivastava and Lyla Mehta (STEPS Working Paper 75)

Briefing: The Politics of Delivering One Health by Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium

Technology Networks for Socially Useful Production by Adrian Smith, Journal of Peer Production

Towards One Health: Evolution of international collaboration networks on Nipah virus research from 1999-2011 by Sophie Valeix (STEPS Working Paper 74)

Blog: hot debates, critical repsonses

On the STEPS Centre blog our researchers confront current issues and discuss emerging findings. With updates several times a week, we invite you to read, engage and join in the debate in the comments section.

Space, markets and employment: 3 films from Zimbabwe by Ian Scoones
Maker culture and sustainability by Adrian Smith
The precautionary principle must be retained, unless we are willing to be reckless with our common future Guest blog by Rupert Read
China and the new climate deal by Sam Geall
Informing the UK’s approach to SDGs by Julia Day
Political Ecology: resources, power and justice by Amber Huff
STEPS América Latina at the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network by Mariano Fressoli
Business for peace? by
Journal of Peasant Studies new special issue: critical perspectives on Food Sovereignty by Nathan Oxley
Melissa Leach on Ebola & inequality – lecture text & audio by Nathan Oxley

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