As we head into the last month and a half of 2016, our team at Live58 want to take a moment and update our audience on some of the exciting changes taking place within our organization. We invite you to join us as we relaunch Live58 and its mission to empower and awaken the local and global Church to participate in serving the poor. 

We are now honored and privileged to be under new leadership and take on projects that will awaken and inspire the Church to live out the True Fast of serving the poor and forgotten. 

Also, thank you to all who have journeyed with us since the beginning.  We began simply with a film that had a big mission, from that we gained relationships and sought to make a change among Christians serving the vulnerable both locally and globally.  2016 has served as a season of reorganization and refocused vision. We are more inspired than ever by God’s important call for the Church to live out the True Fast as stated in Scriptures of Isaiah 58.  

We hope that you will join in this new exciting chapter of Live58.  

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.'
- Margaret Mead

I am so excited and honored to be a part of a movement that helps awaken the Church to serve the poor and be a voice to the voiceless based on the timeless scripture and wisdom of Isaiah 58. I’ve spent much of my professional life pastoring a church with the distinct vision of living out the True Fast. I feel that those 23 years of experience brought me to this new role in leading other churches, leaders and community members to do the same.

Our new vision is simple, but it is clear. Live58's desire is to awaken, inspire and walk alongside those in the Church to serve the poor and vulnerable. This will bring glory to God and give credit to His deep love for people. I believe God has positioned Live58 to be a blessing to the world for such a time as this. As we look at our own neighborhoods, in our own backyards, and beyond our borders to the world around us, there is a lot of pain, suffering and injustice. Those are areas where the Church can bring about true healing that can only be offered through God's love.  I believe God has timed our relaunch in parallel with a time where our mission is needed the most. 

I take on this new role with humility and the understanding of the huge responsibility to communicate to the Church what God is asking us to do.  I hope that you all will join our team in this new season as we work to awaken and inspire people of faith to live out the True Fast. 


Ken Burkey
Executive Director, Live58


Show 58: The Film to a bigger audience. For those who have watched this incredible award-winning film, you’ve felt the powerful message. Its timelessness rings relevant even today and we hope to continue using this film to reach people all over the world.

Host community gatherings to inspire churches and people of faith.  Also offer practical strategies for local and global participation through our available resources.  We have powerful resources that will help individuals and teams deepen their understanding and call of serving the poor and vulnerable. 

Offer individualized and strategic church and leadership team consulting.  Our team aims to provide strategic planning, intensive leadership training and resource sharing to work with staff, boards and volunteers to help organizations of any kind realize how they can be part of this movement.  

Continue to celebrate and profile amazing organizations that are living out the True Fast of Isaiah 58. From the beginning, Live58 has always loved celebrating organizations committed to alleviating poverty's complex aspects, both locally and globally. We’d like to continue celebrating and highlighting the important work being done.

Together with 58: The Film™ creator, Tony Neeves, create a new film based on a local church serving in local and global communities. This film will be an example of how much the church can do to highly impact its culture and the challenges and blessings that come with it. 

Executive Director of Live58, Ken Burkey had the privilege of visiting New York City Relief (NYCR), an organization that works in New York serving the poor and homeless throughout the Burroughs.  NYCR offers a feeding program, clothing bank and prayer through a bus called The Relief Bus. The ministry also connects people with resources such as local job opportunities, drug and alcohol rehab referrals and access to much needed medical services. 



The program began in the 1980’s and has since served hundreds of thousands of homeless and vulnerable people.  Currently under the leadership of President Juan Galloway, the staff of 17 organizes outreach in conjunction with it’s 7,000 volunteers all over the city.  The organization was founded based on the scripture in Isaiah 58:6-12 which calls on the church to live the True Fast: taking up the case of the poor and oppressed. 

During Ken’s visit, he joined the staff and team of volunteers on outreach days all over New York City and witnessed the incredible work being done by the organization.  The team there has a motto, “these things we do that others may live” and it is embodied by each volunteer who whole-heartedly and passionately serves the most needy in New York City.  


We’re honored to grow in partnership with such a powerful organization, impacting the lives of so many on the streets of one of America’s most prominent cities.  To learn more about New York City Relief, or if interested in bringing a group or joining along as a volunteer, please visit: and for more photos, click here

Please pray for us in this new season

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