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  • God's tender gift to me to see some fruit from the years of labor in the missions vineyard. Pray for M and M as they study in preparation for further ministry among Mongolians and Kazakhs.
  • For hope in Lauren's life and that God is blessing me in such big ways through each of the Car-ynne 4 Kids. Praise, too, for  Eagle’s Nest Ranch's new location.
  • God's leading and directing toward his purposes in our lives.
  • Any you might know who are struggling through PTSD. Pray that God would show them a way through and give them hope.
  • Ending our semester's well ... especially for Jori as she graduates May 28 from high school.
  • For God's development of Under His Wings into the ministry he has in mind.


My Gals

Taya had a great year at CCU! She is aiming to  graduate December 2017 with her degree in Health  Sciences and Biblical Studies minor. She enjoyed her job in the Alumni/Development office all year and will return to that in the fall. She would love for you to pray for her and the discipleship group (“D-group) she will lead in the fall as well. This summer she is a day camp counselor at St. John’s Lutheran Church/School so will gain skills and confidence in shepherding 1st and 2nd graders toward Jesus!

Jori finished strong! She thoroughly enjoyed her trip to Washington DC and managed, even with a little health bump in early May, to do it all and soak it in. She did a fantastic job in her Valedictorian speech and got a job in the final minutes of her graduation party! She will also work at St. John’s, but as a member of the grounds and maintenance crew. June 17 is orientation day at Taylor, and she will start her first college semester August 26. Oh, the places she’ll go!

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God has prompted me that it is time to share more of our story and to write and share my experiences. If you would like to share in the journey this way, visit my Under His Wings blog. 

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Celebrations and Life in Transition

Hi Friends,

It is with great joy and awe that we celebrated Jori and her graduation as Valedictorian of her class last weekend! Against so many odds, from preemie birth and the threat of learning disabilities, through the struggles that our life situation created, the persevering through the rigorous academic load she pursued, she is a living standing stone of just how tenderly God has kept us under his wings! 

As I looked around her graduation party at those who were able to attend, I was overcome with God’s picture of love and community. Our lives took a traumatic turn just before Jori entered first grade. Her entire academic path was under that shadow.  But there standing with us were friends who babysat, educated (pre-school, kindergarten, and second grade teachers were all there!), coached, provided emotionally, financially, and quietly (or not so quietly!) in prayer. It was a living picture of Psalm 26:3,  “for I … have lived in reliance on your faithfulness.”  THANK YOU for your part in bringing her - us - to this milestone! We never walked alone.

What a huge encouragement that has been as we stand on a bridge, feeling the energy and current of the elements around us as we gaze at the horizon. I am amazed to have completed my first year of my Master’s degree. While it has been a ton of hard work, in my soul it feels like my first sabbatical in 30 years! I am grateful to do this through a seminary as I have enjoyed digging deeply into the Bible in new ways. I had a church history survey class that was so encouraging. Gazing from the 30,000 foot view it is easy to see God’s fingerprints and trust that he holds the future as well. My counseling classes are equipping me to love others in their pain and difficulties … which feels like a holy calling. To be entrusted with vulnerability and the deep things is both humbling and inspiring! A year from now, Lord willing, I will complete the academics and dive into my Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) which is like an internship. God’s got a lot of shaping for me, and I still have a lot to learn! Thankfully, it’s downy here under his wings.

May 20-26 I had the joy of leading a group of 12 gals from Front Range Christian School for their week-long practicum experience. Kids scatter literally around the globe for this off-site learning and service week. Taya was available so she assisted again as well. We introduced the gals to hippotherapy (equine therapy for those with disabilities), gave them opportunity to learn some horsemanship skills, took them to Save the Cowboy Church, and had them experience equine assisted learning activities to understand how horses can be used to work through emotional and mental health challenges as well.

 < Gals helping my friend, Hope.

It was a blessing to see them step out of themselves and look for the imago Dei, image of God, in each one they served.  As they learned about each other, the divides between them softened and community deepened. Our gals from Vietnam broadened our world. I believe we all walked away better humans from our experience together.

This summer I will take one Old Testament class, but will invest more of my time into time in those spaces where God, people, and horses come together for his healing and hope. I’m so grateful for the humbling opportunity to be in these tender places, seeing the beauty from the ashes and celebrating the “fruit” of life he gives!


"Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of your wings." (Psalm 63:7)
Under his wings,

Gwen Hanna

God is our provider, and he does that through people like you.Thank you!
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With three students in the house, tuition is a huge financial challenge. The best way to help us with that, if the Lord leads, is to send it directly to the institutions with a note of explanation of who it is for: Denver Seminary, Colorado Christian University, or Taylor University.
Friends and family who celebrated graduation with us ... even nephew, Zach, from Michigan!
Yes, I'm a proud Momma!
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