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  • Thank God for his financial provision for car repairs, a safe and uneventful drive to Michigan and back, and the special family times.
  • Praise God for opportunities to love and serve with a number of equine ministries and services.
  • Thank God for summer jobs for Taya and Jori that are growing them in so many ways.
  • Ask God to meet each client, participant, and family or caregiver that comes to these ranches.
  • Seek God for his financial provision for our coming semesters of study. It is such a privilege to receive this education!
  • Ask for God's guidance through our next transitions, into new semesters of study, and the development of Under His Wings into the ministry he has in mind.


My Gals

Taya is working hard this summer at a summer day camp, loving and leading first and second graders through their summer days. She comes home with stories! And tired from slip-n-slide, walks for ice cream and to the library, and various other “drama” events of that age group. Soon enough (August 29) she will return to the realities of college and work at Colorado Christian University.
Jori has been working at the same location that Taya is but working for a family friend doing general grounds maintenance. She gives us the window, sweeping, painting, and clean-up report each night as well as the pedometer’s step count for the day. It is good, physical work! August 24 we fly to Grand Rapids to pick up things from Grandpa and Grandma’s for the drive down (3 hours) to Taylor to start her educational adventure in English Hall. Orientation went well and except for the last details, she is ready to go!

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God has prompted me that it is time to share more of our story and to write and share my experiences. If you would like to share in the journey this way, visit my Under His Wings blog. 

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Thank You!

Glimpses of Hope

Hi Friends,

Sometimes special moments in life burst in to the scene when you don’t expect it. When they do, we are moved to pay attention, take note, and soak it in a bit. This summer has offered a number of those occasions: Jori’s graduation and surrounding events, time with family in Michigan, hours of a road trip with my gals that included special laughter, a cabin, a teepee, and an arch, and time to reconnect with special friends. These were all gifts to me. Last week, though,  special moments happened that inspired my heart to praise.

I’ve told you about Lynnea in a previous letter. I’m blessed to see her nearly weekly at Car-ynne 4 Kids. She is 20 and has pushed through those years with daily struggle. Though she hears and understands much, her main form of communication with us is through sign language. She’s teaching me to sign colors through her exercises.

As she progressed through her session last week, we were heading out of the riding arena to the pasture area for a change of environment. We approached the gate and invited her to ask me for help in opening it. She signed “help” and when prompted for more, she  opened her mouth and vocalized “open.” We were stunned and elated! We had no expectation for that and suddenly there it was. A word. A clear connection. A new reality.  A challenge for us to reach for more. An opportunity to celebrate.

In another session with another child in another place, a similar feeling caught my soul. A young gal is working hard at growing up in a home where the realities of war hover over her father whose PTSD affects much of their life. Oldest of three, she  navigates the family stress from that vantage point. It is hard to feel strong and secure. It is hard to find confidence.

On this rainy morning we had groomed a horse named Blue. My young friend had helped groom and together we had cleaned those big hooves. She had diligently worked out the  tangles of Blue’s mane and tail as her sisters brushed the rest of her (or chased the barn kitties).

A key lesson when working with the horse is to understand that trusting a leader is a priority need. Each horse either finds a leader to follow or takes that role if none other prove themselves trustworthy. When we pick up the lead(er) rope, they are putting their trust into us. If we don’t lead well, they will struggle and decide it is really their job.

The special moment came when my young friend was practicing leadership. At first it was all a little tentative as she walked beside her huge four-legged friend. It amazes me how much the simple act of “walk on” and “whoa” requires of the leader. At first there was a bit of tug-o-war. Blue wasn’t hearing the gentle commands. With some encouragement to take up her role, something happened. Suddenly my friend stood taller, spoke more loudly, and found confidence. She could be a good and strong leader. She could be one that Blue could follow. She could do this! They became a team with Blue showing trust and my young friend feeling strong and proud.

In each of these moments, God reminded me that his order of things is to move from chaos, pain, and struggle toward something new, whole, restored, and empowered. In him and his provision and ways, there is HOPE. He can lead us to places we don’t even know to expect of him. He can lift our eyes to him to see what we didn’t know to look for. The chaos of the world around us can make more sense as we put our trust in him.

What special moment could you celebrate today?


"Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of your wings." (Psalm 63:7)
Under his wings,

Gwen Hanna

God is our provider, and he does that through people like you.Thank you!
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With three students in the house, tuition is a huge financial challenge. The best way to help us with that, if the Lord leads, is to send it directly to the institutions with a note of explanation of who it is for: Denver Seminary, Colorado Christian University, or Taylor University.
Taya caught the biggest fish out of Grandpa’s lake— an 18 inch bass!
Jori enjoyed her day at Taylor University's orientation.
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