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  • God's tender gift to me to see some fruit from the years of labor in the missions vineyard. Pray for M and M as they study in preparation for further ministry among Mongolians and Kazakhs.
  • For hope in Lauren's life and that God is blessing me in such big ways through each of the Car-ynne 4 Kids. Praise, too, for  Eagle’s Nest Ranch's new location.
  • God's leading and directing toward his purposes in our lives.
  • Any you might know who are struggling through PTSD. Pray that God would show them a way through and give them hope.
  • Ending our semester's well ... especially for Jori as she graduates May 28 from high school.
  • For God's development of Under His Wings into the ministry he has in mind.


My Gals

Taya is doing well at CCU. It seems we just got going, but we've had numerous calls and conversations working on summer and next semester plans! Gotta stay on top of more than just FAFSA, I guess. While uncertain of precisely how the summer plans will come together, Taya has decided that to be wise with her finances she will live at home and commute to school next semester. I went from empty-nesting to not in a very short time! It will be great to continue to have a roommate next year.
Jori is finishing strong. I just saw the progress report for this quarter ... she continues to excel in all her classes. And it is paying off! She has decided to attend Taylor University in Upland, IN this fall to study Professional Writing. They are recognizing her abilities with some generous scholarships, so we are pleased and blessed. April 13-16 she is in her last high school musical, Singin' in the Rain, if you are local and want to join the fun. At the end of the school year, Jori will go on her last Practicum, a study tour of Washington DC as a capstone to a year of AP US History study. She is raising funds to help cover the costs. You can learn more here.
Jori's book, Existence, is now available on Amazon! She has a new website, too. The List, will be the next to be released.

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God has prompted me that it is time to share more of our story and to write and share my experiences. If you would like to share in the journey this way, visit my Under His Wings blog. 

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A Hope Journey

Hi Friends,

Can it be mid-March already? We've made it to mid-semester, and I haven't written to you since Christmas. Life has been moving along at a pretty quick clip. I took an intense three-week New Testament class in January that threw me off balance for awhile, and I have regained my "sea legs" just in time to look up and see the end of the semester looming. There are hundreds of pages still to be read ... and a good number of pages to write for papers as well. Lord, please make it stick!

A key part of the Denver Seminary curriculum is to practice living a mentored life, aiming at heart, life, and skill development with a mentor who walks beside. Georgia is God's gift to me as a partner on the journey. (Pray for her ... I'm a work in progress!)  As I work my way through the academics (Human Development, Issues in Counseling Ministries, and Church History this semester), I am also aiming with intentionality at other growth areas. One of those is researching equine ministries, learning what others do and don't do as a way to shape Under His Wings into whatever God has in mind. The other is to absorb whatever I can through study, prayer, writing, observing, or Holy Spirit-inspired "aha" moments regarding hope.

Many of you know that I wear jewelry reminders to keep an eye out for both hope and joy. God has walked me through many life applications with their appearance, disappearance, reappearance, etc. Sometimes hope gets lost. Sometimes it gets found. Usually God reminds me that he is my hope. I thought I would share with you a few examples of how he's done that recently.

  • Over the last 30 years of missions ministry, I've spent many hours either in direct ministry with or writing about or praying for God's work in places like Mongolia and Kazakhstan. As a missions mobilizer, faith and perseverence are required because glimpses of God's answers are rare. This semester I am in classes with a man from Mongolia who became a believer in 1991 (soon after my first trip there on a video crew) and a man from Kazakhstan (who became one among the new believers in the last 20 years (probably between the two versions of the prayer guide about Kazakhs that I was the editor for at Caleb Project). Hope is inspired when God shows you living, breathing reality of answered prayer in the form of brothers in Christ!
  • Today I was at Car-ynne 4 Kids to help with the hippotherapy sessions. Lauren is a beautiful young woman (I introduced you to her last November) with a quick humor who comes for therapy. A few years ago she was standing on a corner when two cars collided nearby and came barreling into her. Needless to say, life has not been the same for her after coma and rehab. But she is such a fighter! From terrible prognosis to talking, walking, riding a horse, and quipping her way through the sessions, she is a reminder that joy is a perspective and hope can fill the spaces that despair wants to steal. 
  • Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been topics in a couple of my classes recently. Difficult things like war and multiple traumatic military deployments, school shootings, physical or sexual abuse, or devastation from natural disasters (or a host of other painful things) can leave a person stuck in the fear and pain, reliving their experiences and living life on high alert. A video I watched referred to PTSD as a "hopeful" diagnosis. I had to ponder on that, but I agree. One who reaches out for help, gets diagnosed, and finds treatments (which could include working with horses!) can find their way to the other side where life and laughter and joy resume. I feel inspired to hope as I get equipped and prepared to be where God fills the spaces with his healing and renewed inspired-to-life hope.
I bet you have stories of your own. I'd love to hear them! Hit reply and inspire me with your story of God's blessing of hope in your life!

"Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of your wings." (Psalm 63:7)
Under his wings,

Gwen Hanna

God is our provider, and he does that through people like you. I would be blessed and grateful if you would consider partnering with me for the ministry of Under His Wings
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What a treat to be together for Taya's 20th birthday.
Was a blessing to spend a few hours with my friend, Pam, and her family on their way down the mountain after a skiing week.
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