Hey <<First Name>>, let's talk about a scary word: FEAR.

It dawned on me this morning that I've moved past having any fear when it comes to asking for sponsorships. This might not be the case for you.

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to having success. It clouds your judgement, it makes you second guess yourself, fear is a jerk!

The reason I built the How To Get Sponsorships For Anything Course was to help people overcome their fears when it comes to getting sponsorships. 

Whether you have a conference, an event, or something else that could use a sponsor, you might be afraid to make "the ask." That's totally normal.

The reason you have this fear is most likely because you don't think your thing is good enough, or that you don't know enough companies, or that you don't have a big enough audience. I've been there, I know exactly how that feels. 

Here are some common fears I've heard over the years and my responses to them:
  • "I'm just getting started, I don't have an audience or much traction." That's okay! Getting started is exciting. You can try lots of things and not worry too much about the immediate outcomes (learn from the process!). 
  • "I don't have a big list of contacts and I don't think my friends/family can help." This is one of the worst assumptions people can make. Even if you only know 10 people, those 10 people know 5-10 people. I promise that you're own contact list will surprise you.
  • "I've tried before and it didn't work." Did you try the exact seven steps I outlined in the webinar (and in the cheat sheet)? Did you build a solid value proposition? Did you do your follow ups? Do you believe in what you are selling? I bet there's a lot more for you to try!
And I want to remind you of one simple phrase has helped me overcome all my own fears, especially as it relates to sponsors: You don't get what you don't ask for. 

So now I'm asking you, what's holding you back from signing up for the course before it closes (and the price goes up)?

Let me remind you about Tim from Toronto:

"Last year we struggled with sponsorships for the first time but this year we are back on track with more than double the sponsorship revenue thanks to some of Jason's techniques."

I want to help you start getting revenue or double your current sponsorship revenue with my course. And remember, you get lifetime access, a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, and my personal investment of $100 into your project!

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