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June 2013
The Art of Living Simply
What kind of lifestyle should we be aspiring to in this consumer-driven age? One that needs more or one that's content on less?
A Guide to Clearing Clutter
If your life is so full of "to do" lists and stuff that you’re battling to find God in among it then maybe it’s time for an early spring clean, writes Richard Lundie.
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The Not So Simple Life
How can we live simpler in a world that is demanding that we consume and do so much more? Julie Williams gives us an honest glimpse into how she is grappling with this.
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Vox Pop:
Your Thoughts on Simplicity
We asked three Common Grounders to share their thoughts with us on what living simpler means to them and why they think it's so important...
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 News & Opportunities 
Do you have a heart for education?
We need volunteers to help with teaching, facilitating, meal preparation, and more for Winter School at Litha Primary in Gugulethu from 24 - 28 June. Email us
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Get in on the cricket action!
Arise are running a Cricket Clinic from 8 - 12 July, and are in need of prayer, donations, food, and volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help with general planning, coaching, and playing with the children. Email us
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What happened in May?
A trip to the aquarium, a Golf Day and a whole lot more! Click here to view photos of some of our highlights...
 Great Resources 
Are you paying your domestic worker a living wage? This article has challenged us. What do you think? Let us know.
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For a thorough scriptural understanding of how to live simpler, we highly recommend listening to this sermon by Timothy Keller. (It costs around R25 but is definitely worth it!)
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Get involved!
- Click here for a full list of all our volunteer opportunities
- Click here for our June calendar

A Quote to leave you with...
"Being heavenly-minded makes a radically loving difference in this world. The people who are most powerfully persuaded that what matters is treasure in heaven, not big accumulations of money here, are the people who will constantly dream of ways to simplify and serve, simplify and serve, simplify and serve." - John Piper
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