Studio journal #9 – April 2021

Welcome to another exciting installment of my studio journal… 
As things start to open and we're able to get out again it's nice to see life slowly getting back to some sort of normality at the studio. We haven't had many visitors but those that do come and make time to have a chat are interested in my new work which is all positive.

I've started on another large stripey piece since being back, which seems to be taking an age! I had a 20in square board all ready to use then found myself in Wickes the other Sunday on an semi-emergency plumbing related task and brought back some more 24in wide board. So decided to go for the larger piece, which of course meant a bit of a redesign on the original layout. Nearly there now though, the last work-in-progress shot that I took shows the gap to fill down to a couple of inches. That'll be in next month's issue, but I'll be posting it on my blog in the next day or so if you want to see it beforehand.

– April Journal entries –

New identity – 5 April
New identity = new business cards. Not that I’m on witness protection or anything, but what with my expansion from mere photographer to artist _and_ photographer it might have looked a bit odd and I don’t want to cause any confusion and be forced to explain myself… ⁠
Poster frames – 9 April
We’ve got some new poster frames up on the outside of the building. When we’re open we often hang work up outside but that’s obviously weather dependent – these should be a bit more hardy. It’s added publicity for each of us and we can swap over the contents on a regular basis to keep things interesting.
Gallery ready to open – 10 April
Spent the day at the studio getting ready to open on Tuesday. The gallery wall is all ready and the studio is looking a bit tidier too. Still some jobs to do though, so looking forward to getting those out of the way and then I can make some more work.
New work from the studio – 14 April
I’ve printed out and hung a couple of new prints on the studio wall today. Top one is a crop of a Reconstructed Nature print taken last autumn, the bottom one is a brand spanking new shot of a couple of intertwined allium seed heads. On my table in the background is the very early beginnings of a new large stripey piece. I’m just starting to put together the colour palette and thinking about the design at present.
New collaborative project underway – 16 April

Fellow artist Anne Guest and I collaborate on photography based projects together. In theory this is an ongoing process; in practice we usually cobble something together when there’s a deadline looming… In 2019 we were fortunate to have a body of work displayed in the Elysium Gallery as part of the ESPY Photographic Awards and so with a new call on the horizon we have started work on a new series.

Stripes and shadows – 19 April
We’ve had a glorious few days up at the studio this last week, particularly in the afternoon when the sun comes around to the front of the building and streams in. This is a new stripey layout coming together although I’m not too sure about the indigo blue additions. It needs some contrasting elements, and these were in my leftover drawer, but I’m thinking they may be too much.
First contact – 21 April
The new piece is moving on and today—after what seems like an age of cutting strips and re-arranging them, painting some new abstracts as source material, and prepping the board—I’ve finally started sticking down. This one’s going to have a thin black wedge cutting across the work, as can be seen. It might have two yet, we’ll see how this right hand side comes together. The indigo blue has been replaced with a dark green which can just about be seen bottom right. All going to plan so far.
Not at the studio – 25 April
I’ve been meaning to order some new greetings cards for the studio for a while and I was thinking about doing some new designs. This one might be a candidate, taken this afternoon in the garden. I was intending to do a more posed portrait of forget-me-not against the window in the same style as a lot of my other flower shots but I like this in its natural environment and the blue pot behind adds colour and vibrancy, making it a bit more surreal.
Three trees on a tree – 28 April
I’ve just finished framing up this custom order so a quick pic before they get collected. ⁠Thought I’d take these outdoors with a backdrop of the field opposite the studio but it was getting darker and more blustery so settled on this arrangment which was quicker to set up than the arrangement on the fence that I’d originally envisaged. (You can see the fence in the background – it would have taken me hours…)

And finally…
Thanks for your interest in my work. I'm at the studio, as a general rule, on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for the foreseeable future. Feel free to call in for a chat and to see any of my work.

Best wishes,

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