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Welcome to Edelweiss, Hannelie, Muke, Dumi, Rorisang, Shirin, and Kutullo.
In this edition:
  Dr. Renate Scherrer gives advice to combat the toxic aftertaste of 'snakes in suits'. (Take me to Herald Live)
  Dr. Jopie de Beer talks about how power corrupts leaders on SAFM. (I want to listen)
  Research case: Bus driver safety behaviour - Overall, the results highlighted personality profiles that are more likely to show risky behaviour and poor customer service. (Take me to the JvR Blog)
  The new strengthscope platform has launched - So many new features! (Show me the video!)
  Help us collect data on a new range of assessments on mental agility and get your results free! - The assessment is called the ebilities Mental Agility Series Business Fundamentals, and is designed for identifying agile all-rounders in the general workforce. Once you complete the Assessment you will be provided with a feedback report that provides information about your performance on the tests. (I'm keen!)
Upcoming events to take note of:
  How to get corporate entrepreneurship and innovation right? (15 Feb JHB).
A JvR Breakfast session, presented by international innovation and entrepreneurship expert Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu. (I hope there's space left!)
  Webinar: Ethics: Where did it come from and where is it going? (15 Feb).
Explore the current views on ethics, as well as its relevance and practical application in today's world of work. (Sounds interesting!) (Gimme the season pass)
  Work Related Risk and Integrity Scale (WRISc) Accreditation training. (16 Feb JHB).
Use this covert (personality-based) measure of integrity / counterproductive work behaviour to improve your predictions of job performance. (My calendar says I can!)
  MBTI Accreditation training (20-23 Feb JHB).
The MBTI® is the most widely used personality inventory in history and is used on all continents of the world. (I still need this)
  Career Counselling - Empowering your client. (28 Feb JHB).
The JvR career process will be used as the foundation to discuss a variety of narrative techniques together with psychometric assessments, thus a combined qualitative and quantitative approach. (Let's help the kids.)
  Webinar: Type and Entrepreneurship (1 & 15 March).
Using existing research and literature we will discuss entrepreneurial businesses and how understanding Type can help entrepreneurs to navigate through business cycles. (Sounds cool!) (I'll attend all the webinars)
  EQ-i 2.0 Accreditation (6-7 March JHB).
Sets the standard for assessments of emotional intelligence internationally. (I want to measure EI)
  Strengthscope accreditation (13-14 March JHB).
It's the only strengths-based 360º tool that enables the individual to receive feedback from up to 15 raters. (It’s time we focused on strengths!)
Have a great week!

Kind Regards
The JvR Team
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