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Jonathan Cook (Part 2) - Vision, goals, the learning organisation & feedback
This is the second part of our interview with Jonathan Cook - the co-founder and chairman of the African Management Initiative (AMI), and founder of Thornhill Associates, which provides customisable cost effective online multi-rater feedback systems. Topics we cover include: learning organisations, and learning managers, the importance of feedback for managers, and managing behaviour change for managers.
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  Help us collect data and get a free ability feedback report. The assessment is called the ebilities Mental Agility Series Business Fundamentals, and is designed for identifying agile all-rounders in the general workforce.
  Research: The relationship between Type and being "Always-On".
This survey looks at the relationship between Type and being "Always-On". If you know your type, please fill it in, and feel free to send to others who know theirs.
Do you screen out high-risk candidates?
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  (19)'Lunch-and-Learn' webinars: Assessments, 01 August - 12 December
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  (14) Hogan Assessment Suite: Accreditation, 12-13 September, CT
  (7) WRISc Accreditation, 21 September, JHB
  (14) WAIS-IV-SA in Action: Workshop, 9-10 October, CT
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