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Dr Jopie de Beer: Two necessary conditions for dealing with diversity
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Welcome to the JvR Ukwanda podcast - where people practitioners share leadership, and business insights for managers. If you would like to share some of your own insights in an upcoming episode, please email
In this 2nd instalment Dr Jopie de Beer talks about:
  Your reputation as a leader and the gift of failure.
  The link between emotionally intelligent behaviour and culture in your organisation.
  Tips to achieve psychological safety in your team, and
  Two necessary conditions for dealing with diversity.
Did you know?
Kimberly and Darin Nei, of Hogan Assessment Systems recently published an article on personality and ethical leadership called "Rule Breakers and Attention Seekers: Personality Predictors of Integrity and Accountability in Leaders" in the International Journal of Selection and Assessment.
  Selecting ethical leaders is critical for organizations. Research suggests unethical leadership behavior can drive down market share by up to 41% and damage the company's reputation. Hogan's research shows that SMEs rank Integrity as the most critical competency across industries (see right) and rate Integrity as more important than competencies we often assume are critical (e.g., Driving Strategy; see below)
  Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory users (HBRI) you might have noticed 15 more questions in the assessment. ​Hogan Assessment Systems is currently testing out new items that have been added on to the end of the current HBRI. The additional questions beyond 24 do not impact a participant’s score.
  Free ability feedback report if you help us collect data. The assessment is called the ebilities Mental Agility Series Business Fundamentals, and is designed for identifying agile all-rounders in the general workforce. Data collection is going well, but we do need more black respondents in order to meet the sample stratification goals. If you can help with access to larger groups, please email
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  Improving your emotional intelligence people
  Navigate your way through conflict
  Managing People Effectively
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  KR HR Goes Agile Conference, 12 - 13 June, JHB.
  Breakfast with Renate Scherrer: Exploring the Dark Side, 26 July, CT.
(CEUs) Professional development:
  (14) Hogan Assessment Suite Accreditation training, 5-6 June, JHB
The MBTI® is the most widely used personality inventory in history and is used on all continents of the world.
  (2) Diversity Matters (Webinar), 7 June
Exploring the facets of diversity in an Emotionally Intelligent way aims to unlock a different set of mental models when it comes to our role as employees, colleagues, leaders and friends.
  (8) Psycholegal Courtwork and the Criminal Justice system, 8 June, JHB & 6 September CT
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  (2) Forensic Psychology in the SA context (Webinar), 12 June
The next installment is about forensic report writing and pitfalls to avoid.
  (7) WRISc Accreditation, 12 June, CT
The Work-related Risk and Integrity scale (WRISc) is a South African developed assessment for the prediction of organizational deviance.
  (4) Practice Made Perfect: Taking the Sting Out of Practice Management (Webinar) , 14 June
Learn how to run an effective private practice.
  (14) Strengthscope Accreditation training, 21-22 June, JHB
The only strength-based assessment and 360, approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS)
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