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Dr. Nicola Taylor - Beware the shiny stuff
Dr. Nicola Taylor - Beware the shiny stuff
Did you know?
  Psychometrics Canada is hosting a webinar titled: Fixed and Fluid Traits: Finding Emotional Intelligence Insights Through Personality Type. Here are some info, and some more, to wet your appetite, but act fast - the webinar is tomorrow evening (8pm).
  Hogan Assessments' research division recently published their monthly update. In this installment they look at employee turnover. If you need to make a case to illustrate the cost of turnover and how to fix it, check out these awesome free resources.
  Free ability assessment if you help us collect data. The assessment is called the ebilities Mental Agility Series Business Fundamentals, and is designed for identifying agile all-rounders in the general workforce. Once you complete the assessment you will be provided with a feedback report that provides information about your performance on the tests.
  The VAT rate in South Africa has increased from 14% to 15%. This increase is effective as from 1 April 2018.
Public Events:
  Influential Leadership (webinar) 5 April
Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your positive impact as a leader by progressively improving your influence.
  Innovation - what isn't changing? (webinar) 19 April
In this storm of change, it is easy to lose your footing, but with a focus on psychology you can regain a stable basis.
Registered professionals:
  Introduction to Forensic Pyschology in South Africa Series 10 April JHB
  Hogan Assessment Suite Accreditation 3-4 May CT
Measure the light-side, dark-side and in-side of personality.
  EQ-i 2.0 Accreditation training 8-9 May CT
A growing body of research suggests that emotional intelligence is a key determinant of success in life, and the EQ-i 2.0 is the gold standard in its measurement.
  MBTI Accreditation training 22-25 May CT
The MBTI® is the most widely used personality inventory in history and is used on all continents of the world.
  WAIS-IV-SA in Action 17-18 May JHB
The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales have undergone various adaptations over the years. The latest version, the WAIS-IV has recently been standardised for the South African population.
  Psycholegal Courtwork and the Criminal Justice system 8 June JHB
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