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Tricia Jones: Performance management for intrinsic motivation
In this episode of Ukwanda we talk to Tricia Jones about performance management! Tricia is a passionate coach, facilitator and People Development Consultant. She is also the owner of Capacity Builder - a people performance hub that provides innovative coaching, mentoring, training, and change management solutions.
Did you know?
  We are launching a new 'Lunch-and-Learn' webinar series on Assessments. Each episode will look at a specific assessment from an academic, research and practitioner perspective, and will carry CPD'S.
  To ADHD or not to ADHD, Part 4 - Does ADHD exist? In this article we will explore some of the criticism against the existence of ADHD.
  Getting to grips with South Africa's income inequality: How rich or poor do you think you are compared to other South Africans?
  The psychology behind the FIFA Soccer World Cup - What we can learn about emotional intelligence?
  NEW BTI Norm Option on JvR Online: We now have adolescent norms available for the BTI on JvR Online. What can we learn about emotional intelligence?
  New Study Lists Robert Hogan As One of the Greatest Living Psychologists "When he started in the 1960s, conventional wisdom held that personality doesn't matter. Thanks to Hogan’s tireless efforts, we all know better."
Technical skills and experience lose value over time and are often non-transferable between jobs. Soft skills offer the opposite!
For customised, affordable team interventions with built-in reporting contact us.
Upcoming Events:
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  'Lunch-and-Learn' webinars: Assessments, 15 August - 12 December
  The HR business case for using assessments
  Guidelines for choosing the 'best' assessment(s) for your need(s)
  The Sources of Work Stress Inventory (SWSI) in corporate contexts, and more...
  (12+4 ethics) Webinar Package: Various topics, July - October
  Type and Entrepreneurship
  The Influential Leader, and more...
  Innovation - what isn't changing?
  (N/A) Breakfast with Renate Scherrer: Exploring the Dark Side, 26 July, CPT
  (28) MBTI Accreditation, 14-17 August, JHB
  (7) WAIS-IV SA Updates and Tips: Workshop, 30 August, PTA
  (18) EQ-i 2.0 Accreditation, 4-5 September, CT
  (14) Basic Psychometric Principles and Application. Workshop, 4-5 September, JHB
  (8 ethics) Psycholegal Courtwork and the Criminal Justice System: Ethics workshop, 6 September, CT
  (5) Go Big or Go Bigger: Identifying Entrepreneurial Talent the META Way: Workshop, 7 September, JHB
  (2 ethics) Ethics in Expert Witness Work - Oscar Pistorius: Ethics discussion, 6 September, CT
  (14) Hogan Assessment Suite: Accreditation, 12-13 September, CT
  (7) WRISc Accreditation, 21 September, JHB
  (14) WAIS-IV-SA in Action: Workshop, 9-10 October, CT
Coaching is a great way to develop your leaders, but rolling out a large scale programme can be difficult.
Our coaching hub takes care of the admin, and matches coaches and coachees for best results contact us.
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