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Micro-internships – a powerful tool for talent acquisition

In the current economic conditions companies are very picky as to who they hire, often opting to keep positions vacant rather than take the risk of filling it with the wrong person. The Gig-economy might offer an interesting solution to this.

Talent is gaining traction

Talent management is getting more and more attention. From Dominic Barton, Ram Charan, and Dennis Carey writing a playbook on talent for CEO's to the big tech giants making huge investments in developing their HR value propositions. These are exciting times!

MBTI® Certification Programme
Up to 30% discount for in-house programmes. Email for more info.

Upcoming events:

  • 12-15 February, Johannesburg

  • 12-15 March, Durban

  • 2-5 April, CT

The exposure of corruption - cause for delight or despair?

The road to regaining the integrity of organisations starts with the careful selection and appointment of ethical and effective leaders, refocusing on moral purpose, and as individuals speaking truth to power.

Employers have rights too!

Some examples from common law is highlighted as a source of remedy for employers who feel disempowered to act against employees who don't behave in the interest of the organisation.

There are some important differences in what lay people and psychologists think the main personality traits mean

What psychologists and psychometrists mean when they use Big 5 personality traits as descriptors of a person isn't necessarily the same as what a lay person hears.

How to use the work personality index (WPI)

Three international case studies where the WPI was used for selection and development (employees and leadership). The Work Personality Index (WPI) assessment empowers organisations to identify key motivators and behaviours among their employees that are essential for hiring the right people, developing employees, and supporting great leaders.

(CEUs in brackets)
(28) MBTI®
Accreditation Training
12-15 February, JHB

(14) Hogan
Accreditation Training
6 March, JHB

(7) Strengthscope
Accreditation Training
5 April, JHB

(10) MMPI
14 May-11 June, 17.00-18.00

(7) Career Counselling
19 June, JHB

(7) Strengthscope Team
Accreditation Training
28 June, JHB

(7) Play Therapy
2 October, JHB
(7) Career Counselling
28 February, CPT
(18) EQ-i 2.0®
Accreditation Training
27-28 March, JHB

(12 Std)(2 Ethics) Leadership
Closes 17 May
(16) World of Work
Closes 31 July

(10) MCMI
29 October-26 November, 17.00-18.00

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