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Jonathan Cook: Creating a system of accountability for leaders and reports
Did you know?
  NEW on JvR Online: The Career Interest Profile (CIP). The new electronic report not only guides the client through their responses but also assist the Career Development Practitioner on how to facilitate their client's career journey. An updated manual supports the tool and also serves as an exceptional career resource in general. Contact us on 011 7813705 or email us for more information.
  NEW SA norms for Matrigma. Individuals who scored lower on the Matrigma will now receive slightly higher C-scores than before. Individuals who previously obtained C-scores of 7 and above, will most likely obtain the same score.
  Raven's Progressive Matrices (RPM), now more affordable. We have just concluded our most recent validation study on the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices and now also offer more affordable South African prices. We expect to have stock by end July. Please contact us on 011 7813705 or email us for more information.
  Do you know your MBTI Type? We need your help with a global wellness at work study. You will be the first to receive the report when it is published.
  EQi Workplace Report updated brochure available.
Coaching is a great way to develop your leaders, but rolling out a large scale programme can be difficult.
Our coaching hub takes care of the admin, and matches coaches and coachees for best results contact us.
Upcoming Events:
(CEU's in brackets)
  (12+4 ethics) Webinar Package: Various topics, 5 July - 18 October
  Ethics: where did it come from and where is it going?
  Type and Entrepreneurship
  The Influential Leader, and more...
  (4) Bouncing back whilst growing up. Half day workshop, 20 July, JHB
  (N/A) Breakfast with Renate Scherrer: Exploring the Dark Side, 26 July, CPT
  (28) MBTI Accreditation, 14-17 August, JHB
  (7) WAIS-IV SA Updates and tips: Workshop, 30 August, PTA
  (18) EQ-i 2.0 Accreditation, 4-5 September, CT
  (14) Basic Psychometric Principles and Application Workshop, 4-5 September, JHB
  (8 ethics) Psycholegal Courtwork and the Criminal Justice system: Ethics workshop, 6 September, CT
  (5) Go Big or Go Bigger: Identifying Entrepreneurial Talent the META Way: Workshop, 7 September, JHB
  (2 ethics) Ethics in expert witness work - Oscar Pistorius: Ethics discussion, 6 September, CT
  (14) Hogan Assessment Suite: Accreditation, 12-13 September, CT
  (7) WRISc Accreditation, 21 September, JHB
  (14) WAIS-IV-SA in Action: Workshop, 9-10 October, CT
Technical skills and experience lose value over time and are often non-transferable between jobs. Soft skills offer the opposite!
For customised, affordable team interventions with built-in reporting contact us.
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