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Say bye bye to standby

Hop to it with Easter around the corner and cut out standby electricity!

Easter’s always a fun time around our place.  With the weather getting a little chilly, Stan pulls on his Easter Bilby outfit, puts in his special bilby false front teeth, and dances his cute little Easter jive just for me.  It’s a little something to keep the ‘hop’ in our marriage.

As well as yummy chocolates that we’re giving out to friends and families, we’re also popping a few EcoSwitches into the baskets for good measure.  We’re the green converts in the neighbourhood.  How about you become a green convert too?

This month Stan and I will tell you all about:

  • 4 easy ways to reduce your fire risk this Easter
  • How communities and workplaces are using the EcoSwitch®
  • How to raise (lots of) funds by selling the EcoSwitch®
Smart switching!
Electra and Stan

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4 easy ways to reduce fire risk this Easter

Think that summer time is the only time you need to be on alert for fires in the home? Wrong.

Even though it’s getting cooler, don’t get lulled into a false sense of security.  Most of us have been guilty of over loading or ‘piggy backing’ double adaptors and power boards at home with all the seemingly unending supply of gadgets we accumulate.
By piggy backing adaptors and power boards you could be overloading the amount of electricity that your power board can handle, which can lead to house fire.
How dusty is it behind your furniture right where your power board is? Ever thought to check? Dusty power boards can also present a fire risk if an electrical failure occurs in your home.
The EcoSwitch® will help you reduce the risk of fire in your home by eliminating 100% of electricity used by your connected appliances and gadgets. And, unlike other products, the EcoSwitch® uses no electricity itself when it’s off.
So before you leave for your Easter holidays, protect your family, home and pets by:
  • Dusting off or vacuuming all of your hidden power boards
  • Plugging an EcoSwitch® inbetween the powerpoint and where you have multiple gadgets or appliances plugged into a power board
  • Reorganising your gadgets and appliances so that you DON'T piggy back your double adaptors and power boards
  • Using the EcoSwitch® to turn off all non essential appliances before you close the door! Do you really even need the fridge on when you're on holiday?

How are communities and workplaces using the EcoSwitch®?
The EcoSwitch® doesn’t only have applications at home.  Look at these innovative examples of how communities and workplaces use the EcoSwitch®. Why not encourage your community or workplace to do the same?
 Maroba Living Communities in New South Wales, recently purchased a few boxes of EcoSwitches.  Their EcoSwitches will be used for:

  • Gifts for their sustainability team, who helped the village gain Bronze certification as part of the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program
  • Reducing electricity use of computer stations in their high and low care hostels, and also in the  residential living area’s TV room
  • Reducing electricity use throughout the residential village, where residents pay for their own energy bills
  • Potential fundraising programs
 The Environment Centre NT in the Northern Territory are:
  • Recommending the EcoSwitch® on their website as an energy saving tool as part of their COOLmob Sustainable Living Community project
  • Promoting the EcoSwitch® as a sustainable option for raising funds
  • Recommending the EcoSwitch® as a great electricity saving device during their home energy audits
  • Using the EcoSwitch® in their own offices to reduce electricity use
Kogarah City Council in New South Wales has given away 140 EcoSwitches to householders as part of their Earth Hour promotion
Well done to all!  If your workplace or community is doing great things with the EcoSwitch®, share it with us by sending your entry to newsletter@ecoswitch.com.au  You may find your story in our next newsletter!

Raise funds with the EcoSwitch®!
Why not sell EcoSwitches to raise funds for your child’s school, your favourite community group or the worthy cause you support?
Simply by buying one carton of EcoSwitches (35 pcs per carton) at the special fundraising rate of $472.50 (incl. GST & freight), you can make a profit of $225.75, when you sell the EcoSwitch at the recommended price of $19.95.
If you buy 3 or more cartons of EcoSwitches at the fundraising rate of $449.05, you can make a profit of $249.20 per box, or $747.60 profit for the 3 boxes sold when you sell the EcoSwitch at the recommended price of $19.95.
Simply email us at sales@ecoswitch.com.au to purchase your product.  Start fundraising straight away!
So – Hop to it!  Start doing smart things with the EcoSwitch!
Happy Easter!
Ellie and Stan

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