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EcoSwitch - say "bye bye" to standby
Do you have a home office or run a small business?

If so, this is a great time to magnify your savings. Not only are we offering a whopping 30% off all EcoSwitch purchases in June, but the cost may also be tax-deductible as a business expense. And by eliminating standby power wastage in your office, you could cut your power bills by 10% or more!
In this issue, read about:

End of financial year offer - get 30% off all EcoSwitch orders until end June
Did you know that one of the largest contributors of energy consumption in a typical office are computers and peripherals that are left on overnight? The easiest way to ensure all appliances are switched off when not in use is to install an Ecoswitch at each workstation or device ‘hub’.

To help you get started, we're offering 30% off all orders in June. Simply enter the coupon code EOFY2013 on the cart page. Redeem now...

Stay sensibly warm this Winter
Save energy in AutumnWinter is the most expensive season when it comes to energy use, so follow these straightforward tips to make your home as energy efficient as possible this winter. Read more...

Knowledge is power: Power Meters and your energy saving plan
Use a Power Meter to determine which appliances in your home are using the most energy, and then use it to confirm whether the steps you take to mitigate and reduce energy use in your home are really working. Read more...

Air travel – the biggest carbon sin?
Reduce flights to save energyHow much of a carbon footprint can you possibly generate just living a modest, environmentally-aware lifestyle? The answer has a lot to do with the answer to another question: How often do you fly? Read more...

Do you have a carbon pawprint?
The time has come for all pet owners to consider not just their own carbon footprint, but also the carbon pawprint of their little friends. Read more...

The nuts and bolts of saving money through energy efficiency
The recently released Low Carbon Lifestyles report, aims directly at the wallets of everyday consumers in Australia, seeking to demonstrate the clear relationship between a more energy-conscious lifestyle and lower energy bills.Read more... 

Save energy every day
Tips for making an Earth Day once a month
Make one day a month your own private Earth Day and do just one thing to be more energy efficient, environmentally conscious, and beneficial to the world at large. Read more...

And finally...
Don't forget - we'd love to hear any energy-saving jokes you know! Just drop us an email or post on our Facebook page! 

Q: Have you ever noticed how modern developers operate?
A: They bulldoze the trees and then name the streets after them!

Until next time - Smart Switching!

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