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An Eco-Friendly Christmas

As the year draws to a close, it's a good time to reconsider your household costs and ways in which you might be able to save a buck or two. With electricity prices continuing to spiral out of control it makes sense to conserve energy wherever possible. So this month, we've focused on ways to reduce your power consumption - from energy-sucking vampire appliances to simple tips for saving power in the home.  

In this issue, read about:

- Christmas offer - free shipping on all orders!
- 20 reasons why an EcoSwitch makes a great gift
- Why hi-tech gadgets are your energy-saving enemy
- Simple steps to save power in the home
- Why switch off standby power
- An invite to join our affiliate program
- And finally...our joke of the month

Christmas offer - free shipping on all orders!

For the month of December, we're offering free shipping on all orders purchased from our website. Simply enter the coupon code MCXMAS on the cart page

Why an EcoSwitch makes a great Christmas gift
Switch off standby power to reduce energy this ChristmasHave you considered giving an EcoSwitch as a gift this Christmas? Not only is it a unique and practical present, it will also save the recipient money throughout the year in reduced electricity bills. In many ways, an EcoSwitch can be considered as the gift that keeps giving – both to the planet and the lucky owner! See our top 20 reasons why...

There's still time to get your EcoSwitch before Christmas, but you'll need to hurry. And don't forget, we're offering free shipping on all orders until 31st Dec.  

Why hi-tech gadgets are your energy-saving enemy 
Did you know that home office and entertainment appliances now equate to over 2/3 of standby power consumption in the average home? And as we buy more and more of these hi-tech appliances the problem only gets worse – despite many gadgets now promising to ‘control standby power’ for us. With electricity prices continuing to rise, we need to counteract the impact of these energy-saving enemies. Read more...

Saving power in the home
Save power and save moneyTaking a few simple steps to save power in your home can significantly reduce your next electricity bill – and of course your carbon footprint. Here are 30 simple and affordable tips to help your household become more energy efficient…

Why switch off standby power?
Power used by appliances can account for 25% of the total energy consumed in an average household. As the majority of these energy-sucking devices use a built-in standby mode even when they are not operating, power is consumed day and night. Switching off these ‘vampires’ at the power-socket eliminates standby power – saving the average household at least $120 per year on their electricity bills. Read more...

Join our affiliate program
Would you like to earn $$$ from EcoSwitch by doing almost nothing? If so, we'd like to invite you to join our affiliate program. All you have to do is include an EcoSwitch banner (text or graphical) on your website. Each time somebody clicks on the banner and goes on to make an EcoSwitch purchase, we’ll give you 10% of the proceeds. Not bad, eh?  

And finally...
Don't forget - we'd love to hear any energy-saving jokes you know! Just drop us an email or post on our Facebook page! 

So just in time for Christmas...a few of the worst bon-bon jokes ever:

Q: Why did the gardener plant a light bulb?
A: Because he thought he would get a power plant.

Q: What do you call a silly old man?
A: A fossil fool.

Q: Why is wind power so popular?
A: Because it has a lot of fans

That's it for 2012! Thank you for all your support throughout the year and wishing you a happy and safe Christmas. 
Until next time - Smart Switching!

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