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The colour of Autumn

The clocks have gone back, the leaves are turning and there is a slight but noticeable chill in the air. With Summer (finally!) drawing to a close, our thoughts naturally turn to the cooler months ahead. This is a great time to consider how energy-efficient your home is - and the simple things you can do to minimise the impact of Winter on your power bills.    
In this issue, read about:

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Help combat those Winter bills by saving power where you can. Wasted standby is the obvious place to start, so install an EcoSwitch or two around your home and enjoy savings of $120 per year or more.

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Cut your power bill this Autumn
Save energy in AutumnReducing your carbon footprint now means your home will be ready for Winter, and those additional heating costs can be offset by these simple energy-saving measures. Read more...

The instant-on world: standby power and its uses
The approach to standby power usage must be balanced. Using devices as they were designed to be used, but identifying unnecessary power use is the key to having both a clear conscience and a comfortable home. Read more...

Windy potential in Australia 
Save energy to help save the environmentAustralia’s failure to truly harness wind power is a mystery, given that Australia is ideally suited to take advantage of this natural, clean, and energy efficient way to produce electricity. Read more...

Turn your business green
Sometimes making your business more Green has nothing to do with changing procedures or the way you do business. The fact is that ‘going green’ in your business doesn’t have to be more than a few simple changes.

World Water Day: put down those bottles!
For people who live in developed nations, water is often an afterthought. World Water Day seeks to inspire individuals to do what they can in the fight to share water resources more fairly and conserve water and use it more thoughtfully. Read more... 

World Water Day: save water save energy
Fundraising with the EcoSwitch
Next time you organise a fundraiser, why not make it do double duty as an awareness-raising event for the environment and the issue of wasted energy in our homes? It’s a win-win for everyone involved – you, the people who attend your event, and the environmentRead more...

And finally...
Don't forget - we'd love to hear any energy-saving jokes you know! Just drop us an email or post on our Facebook page! 

Q: How do trees get on the internet?
A: They LOG in!!!!!

Until next time - Smart Switching!

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