SAID Awards Announced!

Thank You

Thank you all for the success of Seattle’s First South Asian International Documentary Festival. To all who supported and attended, your enthusiasm proved it was a wonderful addition to Seattle Northwest. The festival weekend was packed with rich and engaging films, intimate and informative discussions, great food, old, and new friends. We spoke to all of our filmmakers, some in person and some via Skype. They participated from around the globe, staying up until the wee hours of the night to chat with our audience here in Seattle. Our salute to them and to those who experienced a unique and exciting weekend.

Our profound gratitude also goes out to our selfless volunteers who gave their all to bring this amazing festival to Seattle. The last five months have included screening countless submissions, facing intense discussions, endorsing and opposing, sampling food, negotiating prices, creating festival collateral, and more. Without the help of dedicated and passionate volunteers the festival could not have happened. Their effort yielded nothing less than magic.

Thank you to our great team behind this successful festival, Shraddha SAID festival director, and SAID committee Aaron, Kiran, Rita, Navin and Rozina. Thank you to Chi, Rituja, Isha, Dinesh, Brandon, Shameek, Faizal, Lakshmi and many others to help over an exhaustive weekend. Thank you to Bish and Trikone Northwest for the financial support and all the help they provided in promoting the festival. Also thanks to SIFF for providing an amazing space and gracious staff.


We are giving two cash prize awards in an effort to support our filmmakers presented at the South Asian International Documentary Festival.

The Tasveer Prism Feature Award ($1000) and the Tasveer Prism Short Award ($500) are a show of appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and passion needed for great documentary filmmaking.

Our 2013 Prism feature Award prize goes to (tie):

Winner of SAID 2013 Prism Feature Award
Made in India
- Rebecca Haimowitz & Vaishali Sinha, 2010, US/India, 1:37 - A  film about the human experiences behind the phenomenon of "outsourcing" surrogacy to India.
Winner of SAID 2013 Prism Feature Award
The Nymphs of Hindu Kush
- Anneta Papathanasiou, 2011, Pakistan/Greece - A film that presents the everyday life of the Kalasha women in NW Pakistan, focusing on the struggle to sustain their unique culture.
Winner of SAID 2013 Prism Short Award

Kerosene - Kannan Arunasalam, 2011, Sri Lanka - A film about the struggle, resilience, and remarkable ingenuity of the people of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
Check out our festival pictures from SAID 2013.
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