The Gala Exceeds our Expectations!

We are humbled by the tremendous response from our community at the 2nd Annual Tasveer Gala.  The program was successful beyond our expectations and we couldn’t have done it without you! Together, we raised $91,247 – more than our 1st Annual Tasveer Gala last year.
Couldn't make it to Tasveer's Fundraiser Gala! No worries. Donate here for our Year-End Appeal. 
Help us get to our goal of $100,000 before the end of the year. Your support helps us continue to provide this much-needed platform, amplifying South Asian voices.

 -Tasveer South Asian LitFest, Jan 11th-20th, 2019
-Tasveer Youth Collective, debuts on Jan 12th
-14th Aaina and Yoni Ki Baat: April 12-14, 2019
-14th Tasveer South Asian Film Festival, Sep 26th-Oct 6th


Anita Waghani and Gala Committee
Match your Contribution: Your Gala ticket $100: $40 is the cost and $60 is tax-deductible. 
Please match all the contributions you made at the Gala + $60 of ticket cost if your company matches.
Tasveer Executive Rita Meher speaks about the mission of Tasveer.
Here is his advice on how to make a blockbuster film
"Number one: Something Old, Something New 
So there are actually two secrets:
The first is I always try to look for in any idea is “one new thing and one old thing.” The best, most interesting, and most successful movies tend almost share this

Aditya Sood is known for his films The Martian (2015), Deadpool (2016) and Deadpool 2 (2018), and recent TV series Designated Survivors.

Anita and Deven Waghani

PARTNER ($2,500 - $4,999)
Darshana Shanbhag & Dilip Wagle
Uzma Khan & Piruz Huda
Zakria & Chitra Parpia
Ranjini Rajan & Rajeev Rajan
Alka & Shesh Mathur
Rekha & Narendra Sood
Shahina & Ali Piyarali
Shaista & Munaf Khan

ALLY ($1,000 - $2,499)
Geeta & Hemant Vyas
Rupal Mehta & Srivats Srinivasan (Nayamode)
Forest & Molly McIntosh
Seema Abbasi
Naren Kadali & Anupama Menon
Rajesh Kumar 
Rachel Curry

ENTHUSIAST ($500 - $999)
Ananya Rabeya & Safder Meah
Ashish Shah
Uma Pandit
Archana & Suren Varma
Sharonyka Kumar
Tabby Saeed
Jen Jope
Rajesh Soy
Kishi Malhotra
Nirasha Ramchurren
Javed Siddiqui
Suchitra Iyer
Shiv Batra
Tayyab Mahmud
Shelly & Rajan Krishnamurty
Padmini Srikantiah
Sangeeta Nair

Bill Melinda Gates Foundation
India Association of Western Washington
Seattle University, Film Studies
Three of Cups
PCC Community Markets
SnapShots Photography
Atiz Fashion Tech
Raikes Foundation
Cakes by Saira Bano
Dance by DJ Kazan

Big Thanks to 
Gala Chairs: Anita Waghani & Alka Kurian
Gala Committee
Gala Committee
Anita Waghani (Gala Co-chair)
Alka Kurian (Gala Co-chair)
Siddhi Ghai
Ananya Rabeya
Kristin Marks
Suchitra Iyer
Ranjini Rajan
Uzma Khan
Ashish Shah
Sumathi Raghavan
Saira Bano
Afshan Khan

Tasveer Team
Khenrab Palden
Pooja Choksi
Siddhi Ghai
Tammy Do
Laila Kazmi

Table Captain
Ali & Shahina Piyarali
Batool Rabani
Suchitra Iyer & Kavya Dharmarajan
Ranjini Rajan
Rita Meher
Alka Kurian & Shesh Mathur
Seema Abbasi
Afshan Khan
Giving Rise
Rituja Indapure & Dinesh Korde
Anita Waghani
Kishi Malhotra
Uzma Khan
Prachi Vora
API Chaya
Laila Kazmi
Ananya Rabeya
Sumathi Raghavan
Sheraz Malik & Saira Bano

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