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The Ebook E-Newsletter, June 2011.


June 30th, 2011

WOW! I mean...WOW!

Every once in a while, something comes along that really blows my skirt up. And, no, I'm not talking about Alexander Skarsgaard. What I am talking about, though, is the most amazing piece of "Roadmap for Self-published Success" I've seen to date—and it's 100%, completely, no gags, no gimmicks FREE.

It amazes me that some folks still haven't seen this; I've emailed this link to a few people, but then realized that it requires some in-depth discussion, so I thought we might journey through this together, discussing what works and what doesn't. If you don't yet know that I'm talking about Jenny Blake's Spreadsheet for the Self-Published, on the Domino Project, check it out now, before you read the rest of this article.

Twitter Follow iconI know that on several of the lists I visit, everyone, and I mean, everyone, is talking about John Locke. (No, not THAT John Locke--the one who sold a million books on Kindle). The guy who's the 8th "Kindle Millionaire," although the term is misleading, as he isn't earning a net buck-a-book, since he sells them for $0.99. On the other hand, most of the authors I know would sell their souls for a million $0.35 royalties. Hell, I'd sell their souls for a million $0.35 royalties.

So Locke--interestingly enough, a die-hard $0.99 author to date--is selling his secrets for a mere $4.99. Do I blame him? No. Good on him. But Jenny Blake, no slouch either, is giving you, completely free, her spreadsheet detailing, step-by-step, how she did it—and how much would you like to bet that the path to success is remarkably similar between these two? I mean, besides the obvious, the First Rule of Which is: Thou Shalt Write A Readable Book.

Now, I have Locke's book, and I've been reading it...and I'm not going to burn him by telling you, specifically, what he said. As you all know, we don't condone copyright infringement here. But there are fascinating parallels between Locke and Blake, and clearly, that needs exploring.

So, I thought that for the next few weeks, we could--on my website, on the homepage, under "Latest News," walk through Jenny Blake's spreadsheet, piece-by-piece, and try to dissect what works, what doesn't, and how to do some of what she talks about (like: what's Where do I get that? What does it do?), and that type of thing.

Granted, I tend to be more of a "DIY" kind of gal, as you all know. But lots of folks want a little more guidance than just reading a book or an article and trying to implement it themselves. My first article--coming Friday on the Website, will be on Jenny's second tab "Online Promo," and will discuss where you go to do/obtain items 7-22 (Starting with "Twitter Account" and ending with "Email 200 Bloggers...")

So: for those of you who intend to solely follow the Locke book, great; if you want to follow along on the Jenny Blake exploration, on my site, and contribute your comments, thoughts and experience, super!

On the other hand, if you'd like a little more guidance, something a little more intimate, more personal, writing guru and author Holly Lisle has announced that she's incorporating Locke's thinking, and helping you navigate all the big, gaping holes he left in his book, into her famous course, "How to Think Sideways," as the Walkthrough for the Sixth Week, as she explains here. Read what she has to say, and see if her course might work for you; it sounds pretty good to me, and if I had a book ready for publication, or already published but not doing as well as I thought it should, I'd be buying Locke's book and using Holly's course as a complementary study guide to fuel that marketing engine, coupled with practical advice from a woman who's legacy-published dozens of books, and has now embraced the world of e-publishing and self-publishing.

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STILL Need Motivating?

More cracking good news! As reported in Forbes, on June 6th, in their article, "Good Day Sunshine for Writers," writers currently at the vanguard of the "cutting edge of the brave new turbulent world of literary art and commerce" are living in the "best time[s] ever."

Alan Rinzler, self-described as "...a worker bee from deep within the trenches of the book publishing industry" says that we are living amidst major power shifts and changes in the core of the book publishing industry.

Alan was at BEA (Book Expo) in NY recently, and claims that the democratic practices of social networking have irrevocably shifted the balance of power "Yes, you. The authors." He goes on to state that publishers are now admitting that they don't know what they're doing; that nearly all published books lose money; and that now, it's all about the creation of "buzz," which you can do even better than they.

Sound familiar? Sound like everything we've been talking about here for the last 6 months? Ring any Locke bells? Or ping any strings from Jenny Blake's spreadsheet?

Read the article; get the Locke book; download Jenny Blake's spreadsheet, and recognize THAT THE TIME IS NOW. That thump you just felt in your chest is telling you that this is it. That Holy Grail that every author has been talking about for the last year; how to separate the wheat from the chaff; how to rise above all those other self-published authors; this is it. All the factors, all the data, all the information, all the "how-to's" are all here, in one place, all available. And if you need more guidance, there's Holly Lisle's course, mentioned above.

Don't procrastinate on this. It's never too late to be the sucess that you were destined to be.

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Books In Production:

First, an apology; in my spate of typing last month I inadvertently said that "Where's Billie" and "Whose Hand" were by Peg Herring, when they are not; they are both by Judith Borger, which I know full well. My deepest apologies to both authors. Peg Herring has written the terrific "Shakespeare's Blood," which should also not be missed. Ladies: I am genuinely sorry for the typo.

  • Red Trance, Death Trance, Blood Trance, all by the wondrous RD Zimmerman,;
  • Madeline Mann, by Julia Buckley;
  • Windswept, by Cynthia Thomason,
  • Gargoyles, by Alan Nayes;
  • Basic Butch, by RP Andrews;
  • The Iron Girl, An Intimate Ghost and Immaculate Midnight, all by Ellen Hart;
  • Medicine Rock, by Morning Star;
  • When The Tiger Smiles, by Sonja Stone;
  • How to Speak American, by Paul Jankowski
  • Drawing Dead, by Pete Hautman;
  • Flat Crazy, by Ben Rehder;
  • She Rode Alone, by Paul Traverso (for Winmark Publications);
  • A V-epub version of "Writing Your Way," by Julie Smith, for her new imprint, BooksBnimble;
  • Flying Above the Glass Ceiling,, by Nina Anderson; AND, last but not least,
  • Heads Shoulders Knees and Bones, by Philip J. Guyett, Jr., an inside peek at...bodysnatching. No, I'm not kidding; Mr. Guyett is a bona fide bodysnatcher; check out my post on the website here. I know what it sounds like, but the horrifying part is...I'm already planning to put it on my TBR pile!

...and all the other books, waiting for their moment in the sun, as I write this, in addition to those listed here. As always, I wish I had the room here to name you all...but we at Booknook are all genuinely grateful for your patronage.

All of the books showcased in the Newsletter will shortly be available on Amazon and the iPad, Sony ereader, Diesel, Barnes & Noble Nook and more.

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