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Hi <<First Name>>,

There's something special about the start of every new year—that act of mentally flipping the calendar that inspires us to do better in the year ahead.

But what does better look like for you? How do you make sure your goals align with your values, and that you're building the business you can be proud of on your terms?

When I started my business ten years ago, I lived in Perth, Australia—one of the most remote cities in the world. It wasn't easy to find the wise counsel and support I needed to expand my vision of what was possible for the work I wanted to do.

In the end, it was the people I met online from all around the world, who helped me to be audacious and dare to do the things I would never have done without their encouragement.

I surrounded myself with people who helped me to see what was possible and got the support I needed to build my right company. It wasn't easy to find those people, but I'm glad I did.

I know how hard it can be to find the right mentors, and that's one of the reasons I launched the Right Company with my friend and colleague, Mark Dyck, two years ago. We wanted to build an intimate group mentorship experience for people who were ready to do meaningful work and build their right company.

Today we're inviting you to find out more about the Right Company and apply to join our small, generous group of members who are helping others to achieve more than they thought possible this year.

We are growing mindfully and welcoming a handful of new members by application before the end of this week.

If you think you belong with us we'd love to hear from you.

All the best for this new year.




'The two most important things we can do are to allow ourselves to be seen AND to really see others. The greatest gift you can give a person is to see who they are and to reflect that back to them. When we help people to be who they want to be, to take back some of the permission they deny themselves, we are doing our best, most meaningful work.'

—Bernadette Jiwa





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