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Things Brent, Jeremiah, Kendra and Tim liked this week

Happy Monday!

Once again we bring you our curated list of things that we've found interesting from around the web. Some of it is technology, some of it isn't, but it's all articles that we've found interesting. We hope you enjoy it!

Jeremiah's Links

Performance is a Feature

Jeff Atwood waxes eloquent about the decision to make your website faster. Performance isn't something that's built in to the internet or your development tools, it's a decision that developers make to optimize every piece of the stack - from HTML down to database calls.

This is What You Can Do With Data

I love music. I know Tim loves music. Kendra also loves music. Brent loves Lady Gaga. I bet you love music. The people at also love music. In this case, they love making graphs and charts showing the use of popular words in lyrics across genres. Bonus points go to for analyzing musical complexity from 1960 to 1985.

Everyone Is Using Data

Most data doesn't come from people typing in web forms and clicking buttons, it comes from mindless sensors. Your power company is collecting buckets and buckets of data to try to make their network more efficient, burn less fuel, detect fraud, and prevent power loss.

Kendra's Links

The Scary DBA Makes the Optimizer Work Harder

Is your execution plan good enough? Could it be better? Grant Fritchey tells you how to make the SQL Optimizer work harder and gives you the tools to figure out whether or not you ought to do so.

Estimate Performance on SQL Azure Anywhere, For Free

Find out how by reading this article by Bob Dorr. Bob researched all of the mechanisms in place that keep SQL Server running with multiple customers using a single instance. He walks you through each protection and tells you how to configure these yourself: so you can research performance cloud in your own test lab, without spending a dime. Interesting note: look for the “Random Kills” testing recommendation in the article: you too should build your own tiny chaos monkey!

Want Data?

Peter Skomoroch has got you covered — he keeps a list of free datasets available online.

Tim's Links

The Blind Leading Us Geeks

Blind runner starts grueling 100 mile ultra marathon. Be sure to follow the links to see how he did.

It's Time To Quit

SQL Server professional Jes Borland gave up - smoking, that is.

Finding Satisfying Work

Professional development counselor Penelope Trunk gives you three tips to be more fulfilled.

Brent's Links

VMware Version 5 is Coming

VMware appears to be announcing it on a live webcast on Tuesday, July 12th. Register here. Rumors suggest that the new version will support even the beefiest VMs (32 vCPUs, 1TB RAM) and automatically load balance storage. Expect more SQL Server virtualization questions from management.

The FBI Might Take Your Servers

If you're using a colo facility and your next-door-neighbor is doing something illegal, the FBI might just grab all the nearby servers to be safe. It happened to Instapaper. Does your DR plan cover that?

Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Data Mining

Drug companies wanted to buy prescription and doctor data from pharmacies, and the judges decided that data is free speech. Forget the crazy stuff here - the point is that there's real money in your database.




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