IntelliSense senses intelligent code, right?
That must be why I have all these red underlines.

Updates With Variables

T-SQL trick to set a variable and update a column at the same time.

SQL 2019 Licensing

Good news for HA/DR configs.

Indexed View Updates

Faster with better indexes on the underlying tables.

Monitoring Availability Groups

This rundown reminds me of why I'm a huge fan of third party monitoring products. Ain't nobody got the time to monitor all this stuff, let alone pick the right thresholds.

Azure Data Studio Video

12-minute introduction to ADS & Jupyter notebooks.

Monolith Best Practices

If you're not doing microservices, do these.

Why Version Control?

Because you're still saving scripts as final_fix_v2.sql.

Cross-OS Availability Groups

How to cross the streams between Linux and Windows.

23 Rules for Startups

Hey, cool, I followed most of these.

Real-Life Holodeck

The Mandalorian's set is a huge round display monitor.

Internet Pinball Database

This has old games like Star Trek and Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure. Scroll down for pics.

Don't knock it til you try it.
Free Database Performance Monitoring Tool.
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