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Kendra's Links

Who's Giving Sessions at 24 Hours of PASS?

Answer: Me! I'm thrilled to be part of an awesome slate. Register now!

How to Try Microsoft's Big Data Offering For Free

Here's how to get your account and get started while the preview is free.

Why Can't I Get More Out of My Memory?

Think clusters of memory sounds far-fetched? Think again.

How To Explain to Your Manager Why You Shouldn't Go Cheap

Demonstrate with these graphs.

Brent's Links

Analysis Services 101

SQL Server 2012 brings big changes to Analysis Services: the Tabular Project. It's so easy a caveman could do it.

Teller's Seven Secrets

The silent member of genius magicians Penn and Teller spills his secrets. I'm already thinking of how to apply these to my presentations.

The $7,000 SSD

What separates an enterprise SSD from a consumer one? Tom's Hardware reviews the new $7000 Toshiba SAS SSD and tests endurance.

Jeremiah's Links

Why SQL?

Evernote explain why they are still using plain old SQL.

Facebook All The Things!

Facebook wrote their own PHP compiler, they designed their own servers, and now they're designing their own storage equipment.

Share Your Resume

If you really want people to notice you, work in public.

Learn Security the Hard Way

Learn security by breaking into someone else's system. Don't worry, it's just a game.


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