I'm on jury duty this week for the first time ever. The judge robe is required, right?

There Are Only Three Kinds of Data

Constants, state, and cached values. Wow, that zooms out really far, and...I like it. Makes you think.

SAN in the Cloud

The new Azure Shared Disks let you build a failover clustered instance in the cloud, and that's a big deal. I don't think any other cloud provider has anything like it.

4 SSMS Tips

Good ones, too, like switching between open queries.

Sample Data

Data USA has jobs, universities, population, and much more - even DBA salary data.

SELECT * in a View

Not good because as tables change, the view doesn't.

Aggregates of Aggregates

Neat windowing function trick.

62% of Law Firms

Still manage their contracts with Excel.

Physalia Research Database

The Physalia research paper talks about a new database experiment (EBS) where the database is aware of its networking, storage, and clients.

Reading Sites Aloud

Ask Siri to Speak Screen and she'll read blog posts to you. What a neat hack for reading in the car.

64-Core CPU Review

Anandtech hits the $4,000 AMD Threadripper.

Slow Down Your Browser

If you wanna be more productive, inject random latency.

Sailing is Dangerous

20-second video of a foiling catamaran crash. Ouch.

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